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NANA - Ep 21

15 NOV

I'm thinking of watching La Corda D'oro ~ primo passo ~ up to the forefront of my anime watching.  A while back on Facebook I got suckered into that 30 Days of Anime photo album fad that was going around, and my search for my favourite school uniform pulled up this title (to date, the regular uniform is my favourite for the guys).  I watched the first episode and completely fell in love with it, but figured "I'll have to watch it when I'm done with NANA because I can't watch two anime at once."  But then I figured, I'm not even halfway through NANA and it's been more than 2 months since I started watching it.  If I watched every anime one at a time then I'd never really get anywhere.  So maybe I'll re-watch the first episode of it.  Or maybe I won't and I'll just start at episode 2.  Either way, it's definitely one to add to this little blogging project of mine.

Also, Penny and Aggie is getting really freaking dark.  Just thought I'd mention.


NANA - Ep 21

I can relate to childhood Hachi's thoughts, I think everyone can.  I think that's part of growing up.  Upon further reflection, I do think that plenty of adults still think this way, too.  Especially about celebrities.  So, while I was really throwing a hissy fit at Hachi in the previous episode for being amazed that even Takumi needs to use the washroom, I can't really stay mad at her because I think everyone gets starstruck when they meet one of their idols.  I know I do, anyway.

Right.  So since the last entry got wiped do to Firefox crashing, I think I need to re-type my prediction for what's going to/is happening.  See, I think Takumi just wants to get into Hachi's skirt.  Because Nana said he was a womanizer, and he did just meet a fairly attractive lady.  I think he's just charming her, playing on her star-struck-ness and using it to his advantage to get what he wants.  He's in Trapnest, this CAN'T be the first time this has happened.  He's a pro, he knows what he's doing.  But, of course, Hachi is too blind by star-struck-ness to really see the situation.  So they'll sleep together and then he'll be gone in the morning and it will break Hachi's heart.  Hopefully that will FINALLY teach the girl that it's time to grow up... somehow I'm doubtful of that though.

Oh, hey, Hachi remembered what Nana said to her.  +1 for her!

WOW!  And she figured it out before it actually happened!  I'm impressed!  Another +1!

Now, Hachi, if you've REALLY woken up from the dream then you wouldn't be wondering if going home is the right thing to do... still, if after thinking about it you decide to go home, I won't hate you for the time being.  Honest.  Please make the right choice.  Please don't hurt yourself.  It may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to sleep with a celebrity, yes, but would it really be worth the pain?

LOL Takumi makes quite the adorable dinosaur, I must admit.  I don't think that's the kind of disguise Hachi had in mind, buddy.  :P

Hachi, if Takumi thinks you're stupid and naiive, I don't blame him, because quite honestly that's how I think of you.  :/  Oh, you agree?  Good.  So you shouldn't be surprised.  How about you make a permanent change on that, hmm?  Although... to be honest, I wasn't sure if you would actually realize that you're just the same now as you were as a teenager, so maybe for now that's enough.  I DO want you to change, but that's a pretty big change that you have to go through, so I can't really expect any kind of revelation quite yet.  For now, I think I'll just be happy that you're doing a lot of self-reflecting.

Even if you do get distracted by big pretty rooms.

So Hachi's in the shower... but I couldn't help but notice Takumi use a plural in his suggestion.  He's totally gonna get in the shower with her, I know it.

Aww, I was wrong.  Boo.

Only you know how far you want this to go, and how you want to enjoy your dream, Hachi.  Honestly, I wouldn't have accepted anything, it'd be a lot better than accepting the food and then trying to decline the sex.  And you can't even feign ignorance, he brought it up, your eyes bulged when you heard it.  But... if you're strong enough to decline it and still enjoy the rest of your time, good for you.  I don't think you can do it, but good for you if you can.

Wow, I'm really, legitimitely impressed with you Hachi.  Seriously.  You were able to see through his empty promise of wanting to come back and see you after the tour, AND you're wondering about who he's slept with!  WOW!  Good for you!  Now are you going to think that maybe he's got something that you don't want to catch?

Hey, Ren got Nana a phone!  Awesome!  Now Nana, talk her out of it!

Oohh.... Hachi, you made another mistake.  Your first mistake was going up to Takumi's room.  Your second was taking a shower in his room.  Your third was staying for dinner.  Your fourth was lying to Nana about your wherabouts.  The first three mistakes, they're bad, but as long as you don't sleep with Takumi then it's only emotional self-healing you're gonna have to deal with.  Nana's eventually going to find out you were lying and it's going to come back to bite you in the ass.

Bad.  Bad Hachi.  Bad girl.  You shouldn't have even gone up to his room.  It doesn't matter if you realized what you were doing, you still did it, and the guilt from knowing AND still doing it is going to eat at you even more.

Huh, I've watched a couple of scenes and I have to say I don't really know how to react.  Don't know how to react to Hachi keeping one sliver of hope, nor do I know how to react to the whole train thing.  Both Hachi and Reira seemed... I don't know, human? Odd in their behaviour...

I do wonder what's up with Yasu though, he doesn't hasn't faltered like this at all before, other than the previous mention of Reira.

Awesome, they got a live!

HAH.  Hachi, you're learning.  Good on you for applying for THREE jobs that day (no seriously, wow), but DERP telling them you got fired because you skipped work BUT YOU PLAN TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY THIS TIME... that's... not gonna look good.

Sigh.  Hachi, I'm back to not believing that you're really thinking the things you're thinking.  I can't believe you didn't tell Nana about Takumi.  I can't believe you really consider him to be your new boyfriend.  I can't believe that this is your most painful love, I'd thought that title would go to Asano hands down.

I don't know how to react to Shouji moving in with Sachiko.  I don't think I'd be surprised if they ended up getting married.

And... I want to end on something clever but I can't really think of anything.  Oh well.  Sleep now.

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