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17 MAY

Rawr, that is all....

Well, okay. So I've sifted through the romance tag and watched a good portion of what the site has listed, but I beleive I'm running out of gems. Gems being anime that has a great romantic background. I like em most when the male protagonist ends up with someone, anyone. There's too many open ended anime out there. That immediately drops the show a half star in my opinion. Open ending suck, I like closure. That's just me. Well it doesn't have to be that romantic to get into my good standing but it atleast has to have captured my attention for the whole trip, otherwise I'm most likely to just stop watching it and find something else. Maybe I'll go back to it if I'm really bored or can't find anything else but until then, status: Stalled.

Taking that into consideration, if you have any Anime that you think I'd like or that I must see, send me a msg or something. Would love some input from the community. Heck, if you like my list, friend me, My list will just grow longer, hopefully some sequels to some of the anime I've watched will come out soon. Ah I can only hope.

                                                                                                         .....Now that is all, Rawr. xD

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