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Riyoko Ikeda

29 SEP

As you can see from my top animes list, Rose of Versailles, one of Riyoko Ikeda’s works, is one of the awesome 5, as I like to call them. I watched it some 8 years ago but, not until recently, I haven’t set my eyes on the manga. Recently, I finally came around to reading the manga and I immediately felt disappointment. Maybe it was wrong of me to do so but nevertheless I had a high expectation for the manga, seeing as the anime is amazing. Comparing the two, the manga doesn’t even reach the ankles of the anime. The manga version is confusing and terribly paced and the drawing style is unnerving, bordering on ugly and it is excessively goofy, chock full of anime gag faces.

Still, despite dropping this manga I was still interested in her work, naively thinking that not all of her work would be that bad. Therefore, I picked Ikeda’s 1978 work Claudine since it is classified as shoujo-ai, which I am a fan of. I had no expectations for this one. It turns out that this work is even worse than Rose of Versailles manga. This one has less anime gag faces but everything else, which ruined the Rose of Versailles manga, is amped up. Panels are thrown chaotically all over the pages and the pacing is abominable, to be honest. The placing of the panels just adds to the confusing pacing.

After struggling thrown the story, which was, thankfully, just one volume long, I lost interest in Riyoko Ikeda’s work, since I figured all her other work are probably the same. I got to ask: Why is she so highly regarded in mangaka circles. Does she really deserve such praise, judging by her work? I have nothing else to say but TMS Entertainment, the company that animated the series, deserves some mad respect for creating gold out of ... mud.

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Idiotchan avatar Idiotchan
Aug 17, 2013

Have you watched Oniisama e (Borther, Dear Brother)?

AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Jan 10, 2012

From a modern perspective, I can totally see where you're coming from. But taken in context, Riyoko Ikeda's stuff is pretty impressive. Aside from being one of the first female mangaka, most of the stuff aimed at girls back then was absolute rubbish- bland, hackneyed stories about princesses and amnesia, so the fact that she tried to make something with artistic merit and a purpose is cool.

Granted, I really like overly-dramatic, sparkles-everywhere, main-character-dies-at-the end stories, so there's that. :P

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