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Anime Recap 2012

24 DEC

So this is my list of favorites from 2012:

Favorite Story: Another

-Story of this anime is amazing.But you will have to stay focused all the time,or you won't understand it!It has only 12 episodes tho.Which is bad for a story this good...

Favorite Drama: Ano Natsu de Matteru

-Really well done and amazing story :)

Favorite Action: Sword Art Online

-Amazing story,but omg the characters...

Favorite want to watch: Magi

-I'm so sad that I didn't have time to watch this at all :C .But next year :)

Favorite Characters: Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun

-Where do I start here?Characters in this anime are amazing.There's a character to like/hate for any kind of person watching.Great characters in general.

Favorite Male Character: Isana Yashiro from K

-Yes,he is ratchet as fu*k but I there's something I like in every male character that has white hair.Also I like how he's confused all the time.Def. my favorite.

Favorite Female Character: Natsume Asako from Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun

-She's so random and adorable and lovable and cute.I just love her,ok?

Least Favorite Male Character: Kirito from Sword Art Online

-ugh...He's just annoying that's all...

Least Favorite Female Character: Yui from Sword Art Online

-Kirito you are not the father.No seriously that sh*t was fu*ked up.

Favorite OVA/Movie: Gyo

-It recieved mixed reviews but I think it's amazing.I don't know why,but I really liked it.The characters,the story,animation,everything.Maybe because Junji Itou is my favorite manga artist and this is his work?...yeah,that's why.

Most Disappointing Anime: Hyou-ka

-Wow.Just wow.I don't understand what everyone sees in this boring-ass anime.I mean really.Every episode is pretty much same.I don't know.This is one of the few that I will NEVER finish watching...

Most Overrated Anime: Kokuro's Basketball

-I don't know about this.This ^ should be called: ''Yaoi,but not yaoi.Drool'' .I mean really.You put 7-10 over attractive boys in one anime and then expect boys to watch this.They should make ''Kokuro's Golden Balls'' (best yaoi name ever btw) or something.That's where the money would roll.

I WANT MOAR: Corpse Party


I WANT LESS:Kukoro's Basketball

-Just stop,EVERY single tumblr anime blog is blowing up with yaoi from this series.Ugh...Ugh...

I wonder if I would like that show if I was a girl... :S


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