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27 MAY

Finished watching Toradora!

The show is great,and really funny,but I didn't like the ending.I wanted it to end up differently :C.But I still like it.Characters are great,story too.

But this anime that I started watching Bakemonogatari.WHAT THE FU-- IS GOING ON?

You are supposed to find out what anime is about in the first episode.But in this one I found out nothing.Vampires,immortal beings...This is one of the most random shows I've ever watched.Seriously.

I will watch few more episodes,and if I find out what is going on,maybe I will watch it till the end... -.-'

I wonder if toradora! is going to have a sequel series,or some kind of a spin off.I know there is some kind of OVA that they released in late 2011,but I really want to see more :3

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