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22 MAY

So,not a lot has been going on lately when it comes to me and anime,so I will just do a short Q&A.

1# When did you start to like anime

Probably by the end of 2010.I actually didn't like it at first.But soon my opinion changed

2# First anime you ever watched

Dokuro-Chan.That show is so freaking funny XD

3# Did anime & manga change your opinion on Japan

Not really.I always knew that Japan is weird.

But,to me.It's not weird anymore :/

4# Would you ever like to live in Japan.Is the reason for your answer events that you've seen in anime.

I would NEVER like to live in Japan.Visit it,yes...but live never.

Most of the anime are bright and shiny.And that is possible in real life,but ONLY to japanese people.I've heard a lot of stories of foreign people in Japan.

They always say how they are discriminated,made fun of,and considered stupid or less worth.Now I don't know if those stories are truth,or if Japan is really like that,but I can only say that they keep me from EVER moving there.

But I would like to visit it for a week or so :D

5# What is the best anime you ever watched

Comedy: School Rumble,Toradora

Drama: Kimi Ni Todoke,Clannad

Action: HOTD,FM Alchemist

Horror: Another

Those are few...

6# What's the anime that you regret watching

Yosuga No Sora

...that shit was nasty

7# Did anime make you more interested in Japan & their culture

YES,I started listening to J-pop,I also started to dress more colorful

I also learned a lot of stuff from anime,believe it or not.

^And dis I didn't expect

8# What's you're favorite character

Olivier Mira Armstrong

She's so hardcore and amazing.I just...want more of female characters like her

But that short girl from Toradora isn't far away from her tho :S

9# Do people see you in a weird way when they find out that you watch anime?

Yes,since I'm probably only one in my class.Everybody thinks that EVERY single anime is about sex.But I don't give a daaayum fu-- gurl.HATERZ GONNA HATE

10# Do you ever regret that you started wathcing anime,since it's really time consuming?

Nope,I really enjoy it.And sometimes they help me in life.Since I like slice of life genre,they are many similar situations...

That is all.

Toradora is quite amazing,and really funny.I'm on the episode 11.

Another is freaky.Perfect anime to watch before going to bed ;)

But the ambient music is fantastic.It chills your body and keeps your eyes on the screen.


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