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The Ending & The New Beginning


Finished watching Mirai Nikki.I have to admit.Last 5-7 episodes had me sticked to my monitor.The ending was really well done.The twist was one of the best I've seen yet.Although the sex scene was kind of awkward since they're 13,or 14.And where did she pull that axe from??O.O

My favorite character is Ninth.And Aru Akise.When he kissed Yukki,my reaction was: :O Oh no he didn't ...

But Yuno's reaction was even better than mine... :P

Also the ending was really depressing,but it ends up well because she visited him again.I really hope that anime continues,and I think it will since it said: New project in plan,or something like that.Maybe it's the next part of Mirai Nikki aka The Future Diary.

I truly hope it is...

Really good anime,worth watching.

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