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Gasai Yuno is a crack addict


If there was a person that would represent THE freakiest girlfriend possible it would be Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki.She's probably doing some drugs,or she is naturally crazy.I can't stand her.All I can say is: Good luck Yukki XD

On episode 18.This anime is quite interesting.I must say that I'm surprised.It was kind of shocking when both of his parents died in 2 episodes.But still,I can't wait for the rest :3

Also watching Steins;Gate.Even though I have NOO idea what is going on,I sure do know that ''Christina'' is freaking hot.But redheads: NEVER XD.On episode 3,expecting a lot since this anime is quite rated.Yay

I have soo many titles that I want to watch.But I don't have tiiime ;____;

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