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About my ratings:

My ratings are absoultely terrible and inaccurate. I have a tendency to rate things I like as a 4.5 or 5 and things I don't like end up with a 2-3. Every so often I go through my ratings and adjust them to represent the quality of the work, but I do that only once in a blue moon.

Simply put: Don't put too much faith in my ratings!

I am currently freezing my anime intake. Until I finish everything on my watching/stalled list, I won't start a new anime. *With the exception of movies*


I also have a MAL account for those interested:


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staruser Feb 15, 2011

thatz so cool i want to wacth more anime but school so yeah u know :)

wish i had free time am always doing something.....

what about u?

shatnershaman Feb 14, 2011

Hello fellow badge addict ^_^

Have some anime reccomendations:

NoCheerios Feb 14, 2011

Nah, it's not in order, I'm very lazy :/

I'm also really excited about the new prequel, when I was watching the main show I kept wondering why they never explained his vampiric past and was super curious about.

NoCheerios Feb 13, 2011

Indeed I did, but I didn't enjoy it in the least. Sure, you can give it the congressional medaal of honor for "individuality' if you want, but personally I think watching the whole thing was rather pointless seeing as all the characters you were following through the story either

A) Died a gruesome death

B) Just sort of forgotten by the storyline(basically just side characters), or

C) Ended up with a dismembered head on a yacht(seriously, where the hell did that come from?)

The problem is that the show started like it would be offering the traditional harem, but instead drastically shifted directions far past the halfway point.

If it started off at least somehow letting you know it'd be a little fucked in the head, like, say, Gantz or Elfen Lied, surely the majority would have given it a higher rating.

But regardless, that's just my opinion, and I could see how someone who has sat through countless boring and copy/paste harems could enjoy that.

NoCheerios Feb 11, 2011

You... like School Days...? I mean, to each his own I guess, but geez...