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September 16, 2007

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OneiChan avatar OneiChan


Sep 1, 2007

To add anime to your list, click on the 'anime recommendation database' tab at the top of the screen, then you can go through the anime in the database by the letters that show up. All the anime are in alphabetical order. When you run across one that you want to watch, have watched, have dropped or whatever then you just the drop down status box to chose what status you want to give to that anime. You will also see five stars in each line... if you have watched, or are watching that anime and you would like to rate it then you just click your mouse on whatever star you want and it will show up as that rating. If you have any more trouble figuring out how to use the interface, please let me help ^____^ 

OneiChan avatar OneiChan


Aug 31, 2007

RobinHood, huh? Hehehe! The user name attracted me to the profile... but then I found a lonely empty user page :( And your anime list wasn't populated either... Sooo Mr. RobinHood, you should most certainly fill in your info! We want to get to know you better :P 

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