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Hi, My name is Robin. I live in Oslo, Norway. My hobbies are Anime, Gaming, Photoshop, Friends.

How did i get into anime? Well.... It all started with me beeing on a local LAN, I saw people that watched anime. And the first thoughts in my mind were "Lol how nerdy, watching japanese cartoons" Moast of them watched Naruto / Bleach. Anyways when i came home from the LAN i decided to look over one naruto episode to see how ridicoules it was, and here i am now ^^Its pretty hard describing what type of anime i like, well i guess i like the kind of animes that has more than one main character, like Naruto, bleach, Fate stay night etc. I also like a anime that has both excitment and some happy moments in it, animes thats mixed with relationships and love is not a problem eaither. But the moast important fact is the music / feeling u get when u watch the anime.

My Favourite kind of Food: Pizza My Favourite kind of Drink: Cola My Favourite Movie: American pie series My Favourite school subject: English / Gymnastic / Media My Favourite Anime characters: Echizen Ryoma / Ichigo / Gaara / Neji My Favourite Anime Quote: "Mada mada dane" My Favourite "big happening" in a anime serie ever: When we found out who the real enemy in soul society was.

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