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  • A lot of anime. To lazy to add them all to the title. Just read.... OR DIE!

A lot of anime. To lazy to add them all to the title. Just read.... OR DIE!



First of all: Happy new year! I hope everynody got something they wanted for vchristmas (unlike me ;-; )Anyways, this is going to be a really short blog post... Oh really? Nope! I got no life, so I got to talk about it of course! ...Talking about your lack of life? Would anbyone bother to read that? I think so... Would you? Nope. Me neither.

First on my list: K or K-project! I don't bother making a fancy spoiler-line this time because I'm too lazy...


Our story follow a boy named Yashiro Isana (I'd become bisexual for him :3 ...Okay, not really...) I really liked him, at least in the first few episodes. I think I liked him so mujch because I can cunnect so much iof hjis personality with my own. Clumsy, yet nice and all. Without him knowing, "he" killed someone in the clan of the red kink. There's seven kings, yet we only get to see a few of them. The red king is the leader of a "Small" gang. I was really impressed by al lthe interesting character-designs and all, and the animation in the anime was amazing! The art was truly a masterpiece. The only thing I didn't like was that I didn't get any explenation at all in the start, making it hard to keep up with in the end. Besides Yashiro, or Shiro for short, there was two characters I more or less fell in love with. Neko, a girl that can transform into a cat, and Anna, one of the cutest Loli's I've ever seen.


As you could see, I liked K-project, and I'm exited to see if there comes a second seson.

Next on the list is Mirai Nikki or the Future Diaries!


Yuki, probably the biggest pussy in the history, got himself a fancy shit diary that can look into the future. He gets involved in some psyco death-game. He uses his pussy-powers to get the stalker Yuno on his side. Wait, did I say stalker? That's the wrong word. Horny stalker that look at you 24/7 is more exact. She's insane, violental and does everything to help Yuki the pussy. It was interesting to about episode... 20 maybe? After that, it all became a mess, and I hated it. The reson was a horrible twist-ending. Anyways, that was all.


-Yawn- I don't bother talking about any more of the series I've been watching, so I'll go over to one last thing. I don't know how many times I've mentioned that I'm forum RPing, but I'll mention it again: I'm forum RPing. I posted a topic yesterday... Or today in my timezone. It was like 3AM though, but it was friday, so that's okay :D I just thaught I'd might as well tell a bit about it.

It's a real time RP. You weas just living your normal life. Going to school or a job or whatever. Oneday, without any sort of warning, you got knocked out and sent to an island with a gigantic prison on... in it. Yet, you wasn't inprisoned without a reson. Just like everyone else there, you're special. And no, it's not a 'Everyone's special' thing. You got a power.A power that isn't even posible to have, like makin g fire out of nothing! You get this explaind to you later on, as well as something called 'games'. Games are arena-fights where the power-owners try to win things like meal-tickets or foor, medicine or electroni devices, maybe even a weapon or something! The games are splitted into two sections. 'Legal' and 'illegal' games. The legal games are hosted by the staff of the prison because thei're bored to death, and the illegal ones are hosted by a group of prisoners called game-masters. The illegal ones are death-games, but the rewards are a lot better than the legal ones. The RP is called Sleeping Sanity. If you're intersted, it can be found on the two following sites




That would be all, thank you for reading!

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