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Being sick and marathoning Haruhi

28 DEC


I've been sick the last few days, which is what got me to marathon all of Haruhi. I watched some of the show in the release order (Starts out with The Adventures Of Asahina) though I dropped it because I didn't quite like it. However, seeing I was sick, I felt like watching some sort of comedy thingy to cheer myself up, so that's how I got to watching Haruhi.

Now, for those of you that don't know, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia is a 14 (13 episodes + episode 0) episode anime done by Kyoto Animation in 2006, shortly before the studio started working on Clannad. There are several big differences in terms of animation in the two shows though. The most apparent would be the fact that in Haruhi, KyoAni were clearly playing around with computer animation. It becomes very apparent in the characters a lot of the time. Another thing is that this series was made before KyoAni got very moe, aka. before they decided that the eyes looked better if they covered 69% of the character's face. Another thing to note is that one single episode of this show was the inspiration of the hellspawn known as K-on, the concert episode to be more exact.

Now, I am done with my monologue, and I will talk a little bit about my watching experience.

It was enjoyable, but not a masterpeice. I enjoyed the show a lot and I didn't once want to put it away, but the comedy wasn't as good as let's say Baka To Test or Chuunibyou, the romance wasn't as great as in Clannad After Story, and the story wasn't as good as let's say Fate/zero or Kara No Kyoukai. It did a lot of the same thing as SAO did, mashed together a ton of genres, though this time, it actually worked... To some degree.

While it was nothing fantastic, I enjoyed it a lot and I'd love to re-watch it at some point in the Kyon order, though as it is now, I'd give it nothing better than a 4/5. The soundtrack was good, the characters were a lot of fun to watch, and the animation was decent. There were a couple really good episodes as well, my favorite being "Remote Island Syndrome" part 1 and 2, which were the most plot-filled episodes I felt. Though, seeing I watched the show in the messed up order, there might be a lot more plot if I watched it in the correct order, I dunno.

Anyways, I don't feel like writing anything more right now, so for now, I'll sign out. Make sure to leave your own opinion down below if you feel like it!

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