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Anime stereotypes part 1

16 FEB


 Anyways, over to what I was planning to write about this post. Stereotypes in anime and manga. In case you, my reader, ain't familiar with what a stereotype is, allow me to tell you;

A stereotype is a type of characters that you could easily recognize in another series. Mostly because looks describe the characters personality. 

Anyways, let's get started!

Usual harem-characters.

For those of you that don't know what harem is; A harem is usually about 7 000 female characters and one male character. And Sunohara. And talking about Sunohara, this is the perfect example to start out with!

  • Male lead: In regular harem, males are usually lead characters. You do of course have the reverse harem genre, but I'm not going to talk about that today. Our male lead got spiky hair in 99 % of the cases, just like about 90 % of male protagonists existing. He's handsome in most cases, and he can just pick and choose from his cast of supermodel female characters that does anything they can to get in his pants.
  • The shy one. Almost all harem-anime got this one super-shy female character. She usually got few friends and sometimes tends to be bullied. Sometimes good looking, sometimes more good looking. This is usually the person our handsome male protagonist goes for.
  • The badass. Of course we need a badass. 99% of the cases, this is a female that looks like any other girl. No 7 foot tall bodybuilders. These characters are sometimes interested in our male protagonist, but in most cases, she just supports him in his actions.
  • The second shy one that actually had feelings for the protagonist, but gets broken because the protagonist don't see it because she's too fucking shy. Wow, long name... Well, there are usually this like second shy character that had feelings for the male protagonist from the start off, but that never manage to show him because she's too shy, because she obviously don't know that all you need to get a boyfriend is to look good and show up in his home naked one day, and he would be all over you. (See what I did there?)
  • The second badass. Another stupidly strong person that can crush anyone and a character that the male lead is somehow scared of.
  • The Sunohara. The pussy friend of the male protagonist. Usually supports the male lead, with about 0% chance to get laid. This is probably be where I would be.

For the ecchi harem, it would be more or less the same, exept that all of the characters would be dying to get in the male leads pants. Nothing more to say on that front. Oh, and all of them would have big enough tits to crush a building under the weight of them.

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