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  • Over 500 episodes watched and what anime characters would I marry/date part 1!

Over 500 episodes watched and what anime characters would I marry/date part 1!

13 FEB


It's been a while now since my last blog-post, and I'm sorry if I've kept any of my readers waiting! (Not that I really think that I got many, but you can always hope.) I was planning on making this blog-post shortly after reaching 500 episodes, but school made me kinda down-priority it. But I got one day off today due to sickness, so here I go!

As the title said, I'm going to talk about what anime-characters I would be interested in actually meeting/dating/marrying! First of all, I just want to make it clear that this is my opinion. I'm straight IRL, but that don't mean that I can't talk about male-characters... Does it? Anyways, this is how I'm going to do it; I'm going to go by my 'Watched' list, and go from top to bottomn. I can choose a maximum of two characters from each series. After I've chosen a person, I have to explain why. Feel free to do the same in the comment-field, but use the same anime's I used rather than using your own anime-list. If you haven't watched one of the anime's, then you skip it. That qould be all! Now, for the list.

1) Angel Beats!

For Angel beats... Not hard to choose really considering how many times I've watched it. Kanade Tachibana aka. Angel is defenatly my favourite. The reson is probably her silent personality. I don't know why I like it, considering I'm a rather talkative person myself, but I still love her as a character, and I think she would be an interesting person to get to know. Besides that, I always feel sorry for her as I hear about her past and that she was never really able to make friends. Besides that, she likes spicy food, and that's good enough for me.

2) Another

This one is a hard one... I watched it about 1-2 months ago during christmas-holiday, but I still don't remember any of the characters too well. But if I was forced to choose one, it would probably have to be Misaki Mei. The reson is pretty much the same as with Kanade. The silent personality and that she's kind of an outsider. Not many friends either. This would be more of an desperate pick though considering there was no actual character that can be considered as original. All of them was pretty stereo-typical to be honest.

3) Baka to test to Shoukanjuu season 1 and 2

The characters in Baka to test was pretty stereo-typical as well. Big tits equals shy, no tits equals violental and black hair equals bondage (Okay, the last one was probably not that stereo-typical, but you get the point >.< ) Out of the characters in Baka to Test, I think I liked Himeji the best. And out of the stereo-types I posted above, she's the big-tit shy one. And don't missunderstand what I'm trying to say, I didn't choose her because of her tits (Pervert.exe has finished downloading) I chose her because of her shy personality. She's the kind of person that don't believe too much in herself, and that just makes you want to run and help her emedeatly. And besides that, I don't really want to end up in a turtle-shell bondage or have a broken spine.

4) Blue Exorcist

Arrgh, a hard one >.< There was no character that I really liked out of the ones in the series. All of them was pretty boring in my opinion, and the character-design wasn't really impressive either. I'm gonna say pass at this one because I honestly didn't like any of the characters too much.

5) Btooom!

Another hard one >.< how comes I'm suddenly in a streak of animes with no characters I really liked? All of them were boring and uninteresting. I wouldn't like to meet any of them, even if I was forced to.

6) Chuunibyou Demo koi Ga Shita!

Finally one that I can actually do. Oh, wait... There's two characters that I would have liked to go out with etc. And those were: Rikka and her mom >.< (Yay, if I married either, we would all be a family! Yay!) The reson I liked Rikka is defenatly because she's mentaly disabled, thinking her eye was some sort of a curse or something, while I liked her mom because of her personality... Wait, it was her older sister... DAMMIT! Oh, well. I liked her older sister that most likely could have been her mother because she looks like she could have been her mother. Well, to sum it up as this got pretty messy; Mom... Sister! Her sister because she was a badass... And she knows how to cook, and Rikka for being mentally retarded.

7) Clannad and Clannad After Story +OVAs

Well this is a harem after all, so it shouldn't be that hard. More people to choose from can be an advantidge, but it got its down-sides as well. But out of the characters in Clannad, I think I liked Tomoyo the best. I know a lot of you out there is screaming "Nagisa!!!" right now, but I guess she's just not my kind of girl. Nagisa was just too much of an crybaby for my taste. Nothing bad about it considering that I've cried my fair share of tears as well, but she was crying for anything! While Tomoyo was more of the kind that would accept things as they were and carry on in her life, and that's what draws me towards her.

8) Deadman Wonderland

Another anime I didn't really like any of the characters. Protagonist is a pussy and only female character that you follow through the story is a girl in a ugly-ass suit that constantly talk in third person and had enough strenght-level to match the hulk. In other words, I wouldn't like to meet any of the characters. And besides that, the designs was bad. I mean, Shiro (The female thingy I talked about) had eyebrows arround her entire eyes. Turnoff 101.

9) Death Note

I hope I don't shock anyone when I say that the person I would like to get to know better was L. Yay, finally a male character you might think, but I would suppose that 99% of all Death Note fans would agree with me to the fact that Ryusaki aka. L was bloody awesome. Fine, he only ate cake and he sat in a way that made me laugh like a retard (I would suppose that's because I am a retard...) yet, he had this really cool personality that worked like a charm on me.

10) Eden of the East

I don't remember much from this one really. I bought it on DVD this winter, but I've only watched it once. Out of the characters there was, I would suppose that the person I liked the best was Saki Moromi. (I even had to check up her name .-. I should really re-watch this one soon) Just the way that she was pulled into a world of conspiracies made me like her, considering how calm she remained. And besides this, she's an orphan. Who don't want to tug their hands arround an orphan?

That sums it up for today's blog post! Make sure to post your own version of this list in the comment field!


Robbhus avatar Robbhus
Jan 11, 2014

I know, the end of Btooom was terrible, though the manga is still going, so there might be a chance it continues. If you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to check out some of my other ones, most of them are written in the same sarcastic, attempt at being witty style that I am mot likely failing totally at using!

TADEU100 avatar TADEU100
Jan 11, 2014

Hi and here goes my list (passed the animes i didnt had a character to pick):

1) Angel Beats!

Kanade Tachibana her silent personality was way too great.

6) Chuunibyou Demo koi Ga Shita!

-"and Rikka for being mentally retarded."

That sentence made my night, i couldn't stop laughing,it is hylarious .

Anyway Rikka would be a very funny person to meet.

7) Clannad and Clannad After Story +OVAs

When someone says clannad, the first thing that cross my mind is Tomoyo, loved her personality, if i had the chance to meet(Marry!) a character from ANY anime it would be her.

Nice Blog was fun to read(lol Rikka);Got here from Btooom!(fucking open end)

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