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SAO, Another, Demon King Daimao and Skip Beat!

26 DEC


*Yawn* It's like 2AM, and I die without sleep, so I'm gonna go straight to the point. I was gone visiting some family, so naturaly I used that opurtunity to watch even more anime!.. maybe not. But I watched some at least. Besides this, I visited the only store in Norway where I can get manga, so that was a small bonus. But I'm not going to screw arround even more. SWORD ART ONLINE TIME!!!!! w00t, yay, more epic background-sounds.

(Time to re-invent my spoiler-line!)

====================================SPOILER LINE================

SAO is finished for now. I just watched the last episode. I only got one word.


I was expecting something incredible and awesome and... and... But instead... It sucked. Wow, Sugo challenges Kirito to a duel, and he sucks. Sugo almost dies, but because Kirito is fine with killing inside games, he decide not to kill him. HE TRIED TO RAPE YOUR GF FOR FUCK'S SAKE! WHY DID YOU SUDDENLY BECOME A WEAKLING?!?!?!?!?! Nope, spare his life. And then people start developing games, and everything goes to fuck, and they create a second season.

====================================SPOILER LINE================

Now, I watched more series than just SAO. I started watching Another before I left, and finished it when I got to my aunt. I loved it. Every single second... More or less. I skipped the ED like I do with most series, because I never listend to it exept if it's really good (Only one I have listened to every time so far is SAO... I think) Anyways, enjoy!

====================================SPOILER LINE================

Our little hero starts out in a hospital, he meets 3 strange assholes, then he goes out and meet another strange person. A little girl carrying a little doll (Aww :3 ) and then people start dying. Yay :D Wait, dying is bad... Neeeuuu!!! D: So, one person has to die each month because one person died 26 years ago. Then he becomes friend with the ignored Mei Misaki (w00t?! I remembered a name?! Cookie for me!) and then things go to fuck. People gets their necks impaled by umberellas, gets their faces crushed to elevator-floors or whatever the fuck you can think of. And then to stop the curse mid-year, you have to kill the dead student in the class. (Why is everything so complicated? I can't sit down and describe it! I'm to lazy for that!) And then everybody goes to a mansion, and he kills his mom... Or was it his sister... Or was it... I think it was his sister or aunt or whatever the fuck she was. Oh, I forgot to ask: What is the thing about the dolls?! I see them all the time, but the only relation I can see to the dolls are the dolls-eye. Why do you constantly show dolls, when I never get a fucking explenation?!?!?!?!?!?!

====================================SPOILER LINE================

God, I'm tired of typing now... Anyways, over to the last... Wait, I got one more... FUCK!  Anyways, over to the one before the last one!

====================================SPOILER LINE================

Fanservice. Pantsu. panty-cam. If I knew what 16.5 ment, I would put it here. That was all about Demon lord Daimao. No, not really. I'm going to tell a little about it.

Akuto enters (Wait... Whats wrong with me today?! Why all these names all out of the sudden?!) some magick (Isn't it magic?) study thingy, and a smoking bird tells him that he's going to become a demon-lord, some evil kind of fuck that fuck up evedrything because he fucking can. Then he starts to work against his destiny, but, because 4 retarded girls (Wait... 3 girls + a robot) starts seducing him, he don't get a fucking chance! Yhea, so he becomes evil blah blah blah...

I'll probably do a blog-post just about the characters because they was so ridicolous.

====================================SPOILER LINE================

*Yawn* I'm reallllllly tired now, but I'll do this last one. Skip Beat!

====================================SPOILER LINE================

Our little hero is a maid. For a super-famous rock idol. Then she finds out that he only use her to make her pay his rents. Then she leave him to become a celeberty. But she ain't good at anything but to make cabbages out of vedgetables by the help of a knife.

That was all I got so far from 6/25 episodes.

====================================SPOILER LINE================

*Super-yawn* That was all for now... I didn't even try to make it fun?! Meh, I guess all my typo's are going to make it more fun....


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