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  • Fairy Tail, SAO EP. 23 and Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita! First impressions

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Fairy Tail, SAO EP. 23 and Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita! First impressions

12 DEC

[Contains spoilers from: SAO, Fairy Tail and Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita!]

Welcome my readers, to this new blog-post of mine.

First of all, for my friend TaylorTrex: I KNOW THAT REAL(L)Y IS SPELLED WITH TWO 'L'S IN IT! YOU SHOULD BE REALY IMPRESSED! (That was a practical joke. The last Really was spelled with one L for a purpose.)

I haven't watched a lot of anime latley. If it's because I'm lazy or if it's because of schoolwork or if it's because I'm lazy... I dunno. But I'm probably lazy AND I got schoolwork. Besides this, I'm also a forum-discusser and from time to time, I do a forum-RP (Go agead and call me a nerd if you want. I think of it as a great expirence to step into a thaught-up characters shoes and just live a life you could never have.) but I still got some time left for my glorious anime.

I'll start out with Fairy Tail. Some people like it and some people don't, but I love the story and characters. This section covers episode 15-30 (I think)


Lucy is like super-rich.

Natsu is son of a dragon, got a dragon-egg that was realy just a retarded-blue-cat egg.

Gray continues to strip while touching people's breasts as he freeze them to ice

Erza remains super-sexy with her awesome armor-swaps. Most of the armors seem incredibly unpractical and unprotective.

Happy is retarded.

That was the (retarded) characters. Now, over to what has been happening!

The Fairy Tail guildhouse has been attacked by another guild named Phantom-lord, and an epic fight that lasts over like 4 episodes starts! Erza is still real(l)y OP, Natsu is still real(l)y OP, Grey is still real(l)y OP, Happy is still real(l)y OP (*cough*retardedly OP*cough*) and Lucy is still real(l)y not OP. The last few episodes has been covering a lot about the characters pasts. And me in my opinion: I love characters pasts. Most of the characters got some deep past, and thats one of the things that makes me want to continue to watch.


That was a little bit about Fairy Tail! Now, over to SAO ep. 23!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!


SAO is defenatly spicing up again. There's only a few episodes left, but I can't wait for the next episode regardless of that! 

Kirito is still obsessed in reaching Asuna at the top of the grand tree. So, he just keep on using his incredible fighting-faces and epic newb-sword to slice his way through everything.


Now, for the moment not all of you have been waiting for: An anime I can't even spell because I suck!

I am of course talking about Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shita! (I had to check that up like three times before I realised I could just use the title to tell me!


Appearently, a bunch of kids got something called the '8th grader syndrome'. It more or less mean that you are retarded in one way or another. Either you belive you are going to invent the next big coffe-taste without knowing how coffe tastes like, or cosplaying like all the time etc. Our main character was previously one of those 'cosplay-freaks' I mentioned. He liked to walk arround in a badass black trenchcoat with a fake sword on his back and call himself the dark flame or whatever the fuck he called himself. However, he has decided to push all of his randomness away as he starts in highschool. But how well does that work when your new neighbour still got the freaky thaughts of having a insane eye she have to patch up with a colored lense and an eyepatch?

As far as I can see, everything goes to hell. The girl is so insane she can't stop begging our hero to pick up his fake sword and his jacket that he probably purchased for 1Yen and go kill stuff like in her twisted dreams. But, I can't tell more as I have only watched the first episode so far.


That was all I had for today. I'm starting to fell sleepy (NOT!) so I'll probably watch a few more episodes of... What was it called again? Oh screw it. That Demo thingy.


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Robbhus avatar Robbhus
Dec 12, 2012

Realy wonderful.

TaylorTrex avatar TaylorTrex
Dec 12, 2012

Oh, oh okai. From now on we're writing realy.

Robbhus avatar Robbhus
Dec 12, 2012

IT'S SPELLED REALY YOU RETARD!!! (*cough*NotRealy*cough)

TaylorTrex avatar TaylorTrex
Dec 12, 2012


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