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Sword Art Online ep. 22 and Fairy Tail


[Contains spoilers from: Fairy Tail ep. 1-15 and SAO ep. 22.]


I decided I wanted to make another one of theese blog-posts today. I just watched SAO ep. 22, and I've been watching Fairy Tail the whole week. I haven't realy been active though, as I've been stuck up with mid-term exams and besides this, I just got promted to GM (Game Master, sort of like an admin) on a rather new forum-page, so I've been more or less only working with schoolwork. However, it's finaly weekend, and I got some time now. Well, I'll start with SAO then.


I've been a little disapointed with the last few episodes, but today, things where spicing up again. Kirito has reached the world tree, and he's still obsessed in using his phyco-face to rescue Asuna. (I mean seriously, his face looks completly retarded when he fights. No kidding.) He looks more or less like this:   D:<    when he fights, and then he use his super-awesome newbe-sword to pwn everything. I mean, seriously. He's possibly one of the most OP characters I've ever seen in an anime so far. He's litterarily imortal, got a insane look in his face and women like him. Nothing could ever be better than this, could it?


Okay, that was a lot of personal thaughts in there as well, but it's so hard to separate it -.- Well, next anime on my list is Fairy Tail (Ep. 1-15) ! This series probably got one of the most retarded character-cast I've ever seen, but it's still realy fun to watch!


Lucy is looking for a guild to join. This series takes place in some random land where magic exists. Lucy's a celestical wizard, giving her the ability to summon (retarded) celestical spirits. As far as I can see, none of her spirits are... Not retarded, but enough about that. In her search for a guild to join, she meets the (retarded) wizard Natsu while she was looking at wizard-strippers in a magazine. (No kidding.) The only person more retarded than Natsu himself would be his flying (Exeptionaly retarded) flying cat Happy. Well, they join up and she joins the magic guild Fairy Tail. There, she meets the (Stripping) ice-wizard Gray and the (Sexy, but still retarded) Erza. Gray got the bad habit of taking off all his clothes exept his underwear without even knowing. Besides this, Erza is extremly strict and ain't afraid to use bondage to get her will.

(Wait... Did I just add a picture from a series to my blog? Damn, im awesome...) And then, they all form a team of OP, reatarded wizards and go on epic (retarded) missions.


That was all I had to say for today in this... Super-short blog post!

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