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  • Clannad ~AS~ Final thaughts, Elfen Leid final thaughts and... SAO'S AN INCEST D:

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Clannad ~AS~ Final thaughts, Elfen Leid final thaughts and... SAO'S AN INCEST D:

19 NOV

[Contains spoilers from: Clannad ~AS~, Elfen leid and SAO episode 20.]

Hey my friend (Or stalker... Thingy)

As said in the title, I just founf out one thing... Or to be more exact, I found out yesrterday. It is one big fact: SAO'S AN INCEST! It feels so creepy to watch... But the series in the upper hand... AWESOME! 

SAO: Time to check if spoilers work:

As I said, SAO starts to remind of some stupid incest-series (I haven't realy watched any, but it sounds horrible...) As there's clear signs that leafa (I hope I typed it right) Is in love with Kirito without knopwing that its her brother IRL (You see waht I did there? I just used a gaming-word about a series about a game. Im genious...) I wonder how it'll turn out when she finds out... And she will...

Now, over to Clannad After Story!

I finished watching Clannad After Story a short while ago, but I didn't bother writing anything about it just yet. However, I feel like doing so now! Clannad After Story was indeed a lot safder than the original. In he original the sad sceenes was quickly replaced with a fun scene, making you glad again. In ~AS~ in the other hand... There was whole episodes of happtyness, and that made me happy! I loved Clannad, and it's defenatly o my rewatch-list! That would be all about After Story as I have talked a lot about it allready.

And now: Elfen Leid:

Elfen Leid is probably the most fataliy series I have ever watched. I mean, in what other series can yo see a young girl getting torn apart by telekinese? because I dont know! The story follows Lucy/Nyu through a dramatic adventure. Lucy's a person that the government wat to catch beacuse she got the ability to manipulate vectors (Vectors=Invisible arms) and she's more or less heartless. However, fter getting shot in the head by a 50. cal armor-piercing sniper her personality split. One half is the extreamy deadly, almost imortal Lucy, the other half is the friendly person Nyu that only wants people to be happy. I wont tell anything more than this. If you want to know more, go watch the series! Just to let you know, this series are rated 17+ because of nudity and the high blood-level.

Im currently watching Spice and Wolf, and I'll probably write on of theese about it when I finish it. Now, I just want to tell you one of my favourite sceenes of anime. This is taken from Baka to Test season 1. I dont feel like warning about this as I dont feel it got any 'scary' spoilers. Enjoy!

The way to live forever on one single pack of noodles, by Yoshii:

(The / represent noodle.)

//////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////// (This is a total of 64 /)

First of all, you eat half of that amount.

//////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////

Now you got 32 / left. Next, you eat half of that.

//////////////// ////////////////

Now you are left with 16 /. Next up, you eat half of that.

//////// ////////

Now you are down to 8 left. Eat half of this.

//// ////

Only 4 parts left now. Guess whats next?

// //

2 parts left.

/ /

In this one you are left with 1 /, but in theory you could do this forever. And Yoshii's last words;

"i must be an junior Einstein."

Damn, I laughed so hard. Good luck Yoshii!

(Edit: Im sorry, but the spoilers didn't work :( )

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