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  • Clannad: Final thaughts, SAO ep. 18 and shower-scenes

Clannad: Final thaughts, SAO ep. 18 and shower-scenes


(Contains spoilers from SAO [Sword Art Online] and Clannad)

Hello all my friends and stalkers alike.

I finished Clannad last night! It was like 12pm when I finished, but it was worth it. It was saturday anyways. However, it was a wonderful expirence. Everything from hillarious laughter to those moments you want to jump into the screen and give someone a hug. [It didn't work...] I loved almost every characters, though I kinda disliked blonde-hair-boy's sister. [Once again, I dont bother finding their names] i found her anoying and out-of-topic. I didn't feel she helped the story, she just created a few fun moments. However, im still listening to the OP as its so beautiful. I loved every minute of this anime. If I rated it less than 10/10, I would risk getting killed by someone within a week. Also, the animations was way better than I expected. Once again, KEY did a great job.

[Spoilers from EP.18 of SAO here. If you haven't watched it yet, I advice you to watch it before reading this section.]

Kitiro found himself a new friend in his quest to save Asuna. He is running out of time. He got less than a week now before he loose. He has teamed up with a in-game person named Leafa, not knowing who it acctualy are. She agree's to help him, not knowing why. She abandons her own party to help him. The only question is, will they make it in time?

I liked this episode. I felt that the series was slowing down after episode 15, but now its speeding up again. I love all the characters I've seen so far. Alongside with this, there are a lot of funny moments, and I felt that it was worth spending 24 minutes on it. I found it strange in a cool way when I found out who the actual Leafa was. It was an interesting twist I didn't expect. I love you KEY [once again in a entirely non-sexual way] And their style of making anime. they make wonderful animations, and their stories are so incredible that I... i dont want to say anything here because it could potentialy be seen as rasism...

Over to the third subject I want to talk about today. Shower-scenes.

I dont know why I want to talk about this. I just thaught about it while I watched SAO. Either if there is acctual nudity or not dont matter too much to me, but yet, why do anime got so freakin many shower-scenes?! I mean, I have barley watched one anime without one of those. The worst one was defenatly HOTD. I suppose I'll be using it to prove many points about fanservice. I mean, seriously? A three minute shower-sceene, and afterwards a titty-grab?! Give me a break... There was one in Baka to Test as well. However, I only found that one hillarious. There was sencored nudity in it, but thats not the point. It had so much comedy arround it that I found it fun to watch. But yet, whats the point of shower-scenes? Most of them contains the character talking to herself [Its usualy a she of some reson. I dont got anything against it though.] but why cant she talk/think somewhere else?! Why not... In her room? Or... The living-room or something like that?!

That was all I had for today. I'll write some more when im done with episode 6 of Clannad AS [After Story]


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