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I can't say it's an exceptional anime, or at least not if compared to other romance anime that can be found out there.
It does, however, hold some good points which make it in fact appreciable.

Story - 6/10
For a quick and spoil-free plot, the story begins with Kazuma and his little brother, Ayumu, who transfer in this new town and soon a group of the most disparate girls takes form around them.
On the story side it's just a harem story, nothing more, nothing less. The main character, Kazuma, and several girls play this show on everyday events, while something grows between them. NO it's not *that* thing that grows. It's love.

By the way, appreciated was the reduced content of fanservice (despite the fact that it takes to anime an eroge). Well, they certainly did not spare anything when it came to drawing the breasts, still it was quite a serious story, nearly free of those stupid ecchi gags (and of the few ones in there, most of them were related to "kawaii Ayumu", Kazuma's little borther) that can be found is some other anime, and this aided to increase my evaluation. Just a little however... That's not enough in order to keep up an entire story.

Similarly, the plot develops mostly on calm discussions and characters, rather than shocking revelations and deep depressions, which on one side helps to pleasantly follow the story without too much emotional load, on the other side it does however reduce the pathos classic to romance story. Well, in the end they managed to build up an appreciable anime.

So, it's a 6/10 to the story. A "just sufficient" due to the scarce (if there ever was) originality and twisting elements in the plot. You will get the feeling on how it will end already in 3-4 episodes...

Animation - 7/10
Hard to say, it certainly does not match the level of some other anime. Still, it's not like I felt disappointed by the images. But something I felt missing is the fact that in some other anime the feelings of the characters could be percieved by the viewer even just from the animation, without the need of a single word. Sometimes it happened even while whatching Hoshizora, but not so often. 

7/10. Good, not excellent.

Sound - 7/10
Relaxing opening and ending, they're not however godd enough to enter my playlists.
Regarding the voices, some of them where perfectly suited to the character, some other... Mmhh... Were a little too childish (I mean how the voice was, not what was said).

7/10. Nothing really of note, neither in good nor in bad.

Characters - 8/10
Quite rare in romance story, the male side actor, Daigo, is not a complete bumbass. Similarly Kazuma is not the shy and introverse guy that often takes the main male role. When there is something to say, he just says it. With some exceptions, of course, but nobody is perfect. Ayumu, Kazuma's brother has a minor role. He does not play neither in favor nor against Kazuma, he just does... the brother... Like a very normal broder. Well in fact I would have gladly spared some of the scenes involving him... But oh well... That's it for the male side of the cast.

On the girl's side it's not everything so well and good, but it still satisfies. Of the whole group, the main female characters have their part in the story and take their chances... In other words they have an active role. But, once one as seen all the episodes, there is the feeling that all the others girls hanging around with the group only seem to be there because they where needed for the final scene, because without them the characters would not think what they think, and would not do what they do. But while having some moments of glory in the previous episodes, they aren't that present. Not saying that *all* of the girls should have a crush on the main male character (well, I would have liked to see a specific one of those girls a little more engaged. I keep the name for myself to avoid spoilers :P)... Just be a little more "active" instead of just speeching a couple of sentences in each episode.
And in the end this reduces the already small cast to a just 4-5 characters.

8/10. Small cast. Shame. But absence of strange and idiot characters is appreciated. Sometimes they help, but an anime every now and then without doesn't hurt! Also the absence of complete airhead girls who never realize on the consequence of their actions on the feelings of the other was really appreciated.

Overall - 7/10
Worth seeing, it is however not a must. Do not expect any really moving or dramatic scene, for tears aren't on the menu of this anime.
It's a pleasant story of a group of friends that in the end blossoms in something more, without loading too much the emotions of the viewer. So a low intensity that doesn't hurt and provides a welcome moment of relax between all the other heavy-emotion-loaded anime.

7/10. There is something better out there, but I absolutely do not regret watching it.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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