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Story - 2/10
I'm not even sure if there is a story actually...
It's mostly a bunch of small events regarding a particular class and its teacher.
The whole anime aims more at funny sketches one after anoter, while there is absolutely no story connecting the various episodes... Yes there is the deep theme of pessimism, suicide, and everything else, and every now and then it seems it is seriously handled with some good discussions, but with a slightly larger point of view, it looks more as an excuse to just patch toghether this anime...
And those sketches might actually be fun in the beginning, but after three or four episodes they get quite repetitive and boring. Actually there are some hilarious moments every now and then, but 30 seconds fun cannot balance up a whole empty episode.
Being the story so "absent" I don't know what else to say on it... 

Animation - 5/10
I can give some credits here, but still I wasn't actually satisfied...
Animations where not disappointing, yet very simple, and also monotonous.
Looking at how much the graphic was simple, I understand that it was meant to be like this, just I do not appreciate it.
Moreover, every now and then there are references to other multimedial stuffs, like Final Fantasy's battle screen, or the auditorium of Negima!?, and others, but it's not that this can really lift up my evaluation here...
Well, it was actually produced by Shaft, which actually also produced Negima!?, but for some reasons I really liked all of the Negima!? franchise, while I did not really appreciate SZS.

Sound - 3/10
Some characters speaking, nothing more, nothing less.
No special sound effect of note, and also opening and ending wheren't exactly what I like.
Cannot really say that the voice actors also performed well, mostly because there was nothing hard to do... Each character kept the same exact personality and the same behavior from the beginning to the end, so I can't even say "the voices were suited to the situations, the personalities, etc" because it was always the same over the whole anime...

Characters - 4/10
Ok, many characters, or so it might seem.
Unluckily, apart from 4-5 recurring characters,all the others are just a fill-up, like a big cauldron and a random pick for each episode "oh for these 20 minutes let's talk about this guy". And, apart from those 4-5 regulars, after the respective episode all the others are nearly forgotten, only making a 3 seconds apparition every now and then for something that should have been fun, but in fact it wasn't.
And also all characters (bot the regulars and the "sporadic" ones) have a really banal personality... 

Overall - 3.5/10
Looks like a lot of people like this anime. I don't.
It heavily looks like those artists wich draws like one line on a white background, add their sign, and here a painting 1'000'000$ worth. It's absurd.
It might be meant to be simple and basilar, but I cannot appreciate it. Art should be something that shows the talent of someone, and simple thing do not show talent. Talent is aknowledged in something complex and difficult to do, but still can express it's contend without the need of some dumb critic that speaks of it.
And just like this, SZS looks like a loose creation, as if the creators put small effort in it, giving just a starting point for all the talks about its background, and building the "goodness" of the anime on the discussions of those who have seen it, instead than on the anime itself.

I understand that in this review I was not really objective, as this evaluation is strongly affected by my preferences, but I cannot like something that needs something extra from the viewers to be good.

Moreover I did not like all the "captatio benevolentiae" spread out over the whole anime. This alone already means that the creators already knew that there was the need of something more for the anime to be appreciated.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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