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Well well well... This was really a surprise.

After the delusion of the first season (horrible story and characters, average sound and animation, you can find my review here) I wasn't expecting anything better. In fact I watched this sequel just because I usually do not like to leave things only half complete. But it seems that, with this second season, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai has been able to pack up something better.

Animation and sound showed no real changes from the season 1, I'll avoid a copy/paste to smooth up a little the review. Minor note: I had the impression that a little more attention was paid to lights and similar.

Story - 4
After a 2/10 in Kami Nomi 1, Kami Nomi 2 actually improved a little, still, it lacks of something to reach the sufficiency.

Nothing really new, it is again the same thing as before, find a girl, conquer her, reset her memories, find another girl, and so on.

So, basically, the plot is identical to the first season, but luckily there have been some additions that made the whole a little more interesting: the girls' "routes" are finally something a little more elaborated, just as more elaborated are the characters. Not excessively. But lets praise the effort of improvement.

Characters - 7
This is what actually surprised me.
After the first season I was expecting the same thing along all the 12 episodes: a NEET guy, a clumsy cute demoness, and a single other character acting as a target for two-three episodes, just to be forgotten and replaced by another one in the next three-episodes-subplot.

Well actually I was not that wrong. But finally these targets were not just some dummies whose only use was to be there to be conquered. In fact they all had some kind of background, something that brought them from the status of "future/actual/past target" to the more prestigious status of girls with some kind of decent personality.

And actually there was also something more than just the trio demoness - galgamer - to-be-seducted-girl: every now and then some more characters showed up (like a second demoness, Haqua, as well as a couple of teachers blabbing 3 or 4 sentences every now and then).

And lastly, this time each "sub-plot" wasn't a straight aim for the hearth of a girl, but a larger workaround had to be done, increasing the overall character quality.

Maybe a 7 is too much. But if in the third season they keep to get better like they did from the first to the second, it might become something quite good. I'm thinking mostly to the fact that finally, unlike in the first season, now it seems that there might (and i repeat, might) be some further developments in the story of some of the girls, even while they actually lost their memories. Or even better something might grow between Keima and Elsie, who knows? A few seeds were already planted in this second season... I do hope that something like this will pop out in the third season. This could a good starting point to bring the story evaluation from a "not good" to an "average".

Overall - 6
I actually enjoyed this one. It is surely nothing extraordinary, but it deserves at least a "sufficient". Good improvement if compared to its predecessor, it offers some more entertaining episodes, as well as some better shaped characters.

While I do not see anything here that deserves more than an "average", or in the better cases a "barely good", I cannot deny the fact that during the progression of the anime, I was eager to see how it would develop. This was not the case in the first season: for that one, if I got to the last episode, it was just because, like said before, I do not like to leave things half done...

Side note: I still have to really find a meaning for episode 12... It looks more like those odd specials that barely make sense... I think it can be seen like some post-ending events plus a glimpse on a third season...

4/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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