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I though I had seen one of the best sentimental anime when I watched Toradora. Well, I'm not sure anymore... The two of them (Toradora and Anohana) are really good, although there are some core differences between them.

Actually there is not much to say, but right now I feel like writing something, even if just a few words, so let's get started. Still, unlike my usual, this won't be a full review, but just some considerations on the anime :)

The whole story spins around the love problems of 6 young guys (and girls, of course). Or should I say 5 guys and a ghost?

Back in the childhood a dramatic accident involving one of the six led the remaining five to take different paths, thus loosing contacts between each other. This until the day several years later when the ghost of that dead girl reappeared to one of those guys, and lightened the fuse to all the events of the anime.

Slow at the beginning (nearly boring), it fully compensates and gets more interesting around the 5th - 6th episode until the end.

The characters had their personality shaped very interestingly, there is no good guy, there is no bad guy, there is just a bunch of younglings and not-so-young facing their sentimental issues in a way that will catch your tears one by one.
While the pattern of who has a crush on who is actually simple and clean already from the first moments when the characters start to get back together again, this actually is not a downside. Not at all: unlike in many sentimental anime, where most of the plot the characters are just trying to understand what they actually feel, here they actually know exactly what are their sentiments, and this leaves a lot of time to develop a story and develop all those intertwined relationships. And it's done so well that, even when the obvious happens, it is still offered to us in such a way that will catch our attention.

Just sometimes it gets a little too... I do not know how to put it... Watch it and you'll understand...

Anohana has been able to pull several tears out of me. Not an easy task usually. If you like the feel of a tear sliding down your cheek, then this anime is for you.

Note: for better result, I suggest to take your time and watch the last 5-6 episodes in a row, no pauses ;)

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall

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