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Story: 8
Kyousuke discovers an unusual hobby followed by his sister, Kirino, and get somehow involved in the world of anime, manga, simdating, eroge, and so on. While these new virtual experiences flow in the life of a seemingly unwilling Kyousuke, much more real characters start to play their part in the show. Show that most of the time concentrates on the behaviors of Kyousuke and Kirino with respect to each other.
Quite a straight plot, narrating the relationship between bother and sister, mixed to the influence to and from nearby friends of the two.However, each one of the 12 episodes has in fact in own meaning, without fillers of sort. The evolution of the characters in the episodes is easy to follow, and what will happen might seem obvious, still some something grabs the curiosity of the viewer, leaving him/her pleasantly satisfied at the end of each episode.
The anime/novel/eroge theme offers an unusual yet strong and effective background that allows the brother/sister theme (already seen countless times) to find a little originality. Just a little. But more than nothing. In the end it's something that will assure you all the elements that you are looking for in this genre, and also gives you that something more that will clean away that sensation of "already seen".

Animation: 7.5
It might seem that this anime did not need such a high animation skills, and it is partially true. Still, despite its simplicity, it should be noted how the animation was accurate, not just for the main characters, but also on the secondary entries, especially the animation of the "anime in the anime" Meruru.
Also the attention to details was well handled: when the situation required it, a detailed animation showed everything there was to show, while at other times, when the main importance factor wasn't in the images, a simple and smooth yet more than sufficient animation found its place. Or that's what my impression was...
Also a minor note, leaving aside Kuroneko and Saori, the fact that the characters actually wear different clothes over the various episodes is something not obvious, as in several other anime you see the characters wearing exactly the same shirt from the beginning to the end...

Sound: 8.5
The fact that even the opening song for the "anime in the anime" was created, will surely positively influence the verdict. The real opening and ending are somehow good, nothing more, but that's just a subjective opinion...
What's really good are the character voices, carrying in them the very personality of the characters along the various emotions they felt during the series.

Characters: 8
Well studied, each character has a well defined personality, together with deep and elaborated nuances, that will make each one of the characters unique in the whole anime.
In the specific, the divergence and at the same time similarity between the behavior of Kirino and Kuroneko is a real masterwork. While in Oreimo there is more evidence on the differences, in the True Route special the similarities emerge and become evident.
Unfortunately there aren't that many characters, or at least not that many that actually have a major role, as the whole story rotates around a handful of characters, with little to zero influence from any other character that's not one of those six or seven.

Overall: 8
I've actually seen it twice, and I enjoyed it the second time just like the first one. While it might be somehow meaningless to someone, if you like the brother/sister theme (with some pieces of otaku culture, but that's just the background) just go for it.

True Story: After seeing this one I heavily suggest to watch the 4 special episodes that offer an alternative ending, packed with some events aimed to Kuroneko fans. However, while still good, I feel like the True Story is somehow a little too compressed, with the events narrated a little in a hurry, thus leaving some small holes in the characters' personality. I'm not saying that characters behave wrong or stuffs like that... Just that they needed some more time, like 2 more eps each for both Kuroneko and Kirino.

8/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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