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Ah! My Goddess

Jul 29, 2011

First animated transposition of the manga, I've first seen these OVA only recently, long after I've seen the more recent anime series. This might somehow influence my judgement (toward a more positive value, probably), but I'll try to stick to what I actually think of these 5 OVAs as a standalone thing. I know I won't be able to fully satisfy this assumption, but well... Here we go!

Story: 6.5
An normal college student (Keiichi Morisato) sees his life completely changed after luck, fate or something brings a beautiful Goddess in his room at the dormitory.
These changes diffuse to its personal life, to school, and also to "higher places", and in these OVA there is a quick look at these experiences.
Not exactly the most original plot, but what it lacks in originality is then compensated whit a really good mixing of the various aspects of the anime. Romance, magic, and a little of comedy find a very good balance, with none being too invasive, but also none being neglected. I'd also mention the fact that while nowadays the story might not be such an original work, there is also to consider the fact that these OVA have their birthdate back into the 1993, and the manga in the 1989, and back there I cannot really say whether it was a innovation or not.
Another point of note is that 5 episodes of an average of 25 minutes each did not allow for a deeply developed story, and every now and then there is the feeling that something is missing, that some details are left unexplained.
In the end, good story, not excellent, but still good. In fact I could increase the score a little, as it could pull a couple of tears out of me. Just a couple. 2. No more, no less. But still it was not easy task. But in the end, it surely deserves a 6.5, and that is also enough.

Animation: 7
I should again remember the year: 1993, as it is obvious that if compared to more recent products, this graphic does not look that impressive. Bit still I do not have any bad critic on the animation quality. Simple, but also effective, in fact I think it is even better than some of the more recent anime.

Sound: 6.5
Unluckily I did not watch these OVA in original language, but but in italian, so this part of the review shouldn't really receive much weight in my overall evaluation...
Still, at least the opening song was the original one. Cute, but it diverges from what I usually appreciate... But this is a personal opinion.

Characters: 7
A high evaluation might seem strange, as there isn't much time to develop the characters' personalities and also there aren't that many characters. Indeed, just like for the story, for the characters there are some missing links in the relationship development, especially between one episode and another, and also due to the limited time at disposal, some of the characters' decisions just pop out of nowhere. Still, for some reasons, I do like them. This is probably where the influence from the other series fights its way into my judgement...

Overall: 7
It's not bad. Surely not bad. As said before, it lacks of a few things in both the story and the characters, but it makes up for a decent work.
It is a little scarce if taken as a standalone, so if you feel like incomplete after seeing this one, I suggest a peek to the 2005 version, which i judged very good!

6.5/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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