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If you have seen the original FSN, this is a nice revival, nothing special, by since you know the background story, it's a good patchwork of the best scenes of the anime.
But for some reason the scene where Shirou and Saber "consolidate" their relation has been cut out... Shame...
And for those who have never seen the original one: while I have seen the original FSN, this review is made by taking this as a stand-alone anime, earning only what it's worth just by itself.

Story: 3/10
Of course the fact that 24 episodes have been compressed in 2 hours generated some constraints. And here we are faced with an half explained story that leaves many questions open.
Characters enemy at first become suddenly friends and vice-versa, choices made by the protagonist seems made without thinking, no reasons.
And while I know what actually happened, someone that sees the TV reproduction without the original one will probably just see "a bunch of fights one after another". Why are they fighting? What are their objectives? One can guess, but rarely it is even mentioned. It's ok to leave a few things to the phantasy of the viewer, but here is somehow too extreme...

Animation: 7/10
Just the quality of the images are worth a 9. Even just the character design is very good. The battles have some great animations, especially when there is some magic involved. But this does not mean that a sword vs sword match has a lower quality.
Unluckily, the fights are so short and confused, that there isn't actually the time to appreciate it, so the score here drops to a 7...

Sound: 7/10
The opening is good, I like it. It's one of those songs that actually has me watch (and ear, ofc) the whole opening every time, instead of skipping to where the anime actually begins.
About the voices, they're also very well chosen, each single voice reflects the personality of the character, and not just for what they say, but for how they say it as well. It's just an odd feeling when they speak english or german, but doesn't mean it's not appreciated!
But again, while the tech background and the seiyuu are actually really good, the scenes keep changing so fast that more than once the dialogues are compromised, leaving a feeling of incompleteness.

Characters: 5/10
The story centers around 3-4 characters, and I must say that despite the confusion that we are faced while watching this anime, these 3-4 are actually sufficiently developed, not bad, but also not good. On the other hand, all other characters only make a minor appearance, they barely say a word.
Moreover, the emotional background is nearly absent, and there are personalities that change all of a sudden, just like that. Especially Saber's one, that is the main co-protagonist...
A score of 5 is still reached because some characters actually looks really cool, and despite the few things they say, these few are enough to lift them to a higher level.

Overall: 5/10
If you have already seen the original FSN, it is a nice revival. It could be appreciated if watched some time (like a couple of years?) after seeing the original one. But sincerely, instead of watching these 2 confused hours, I'd rather run again through the whole 24 episodes.
If you have not seen the original one... Don't waste your time on this reproduction. Go watch the original. You'll be far more satisfied.

End note:
So here it's done. I tried to keep an objective point of view, but I am sure that the fact that I've seen the original FSN -that in my other review I judged with a 10/10, a score I've given only to 9 anime of all the over 200 I've seen- before watching this one surely influenced my judgement....

3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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desudesu Feb 20, 2011

Honestly, I wouldn't even watch the original. It's crap. If you want the real thing, read the visual novel. I liked the original F/SN anime at first, but I realized how much I overrated it when I actually got around it and experienced the true original, F/SN visual novel.

I'd suggest you to try it too - you'll realize how butchered F/SN anime is.