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Fate/stay night

Jan 19, 2011

Normally I just watch each anime once. Just a few twice, I could count them on the fingers of my two hands. This one... This one I've seen it three times, and still I watch it with the same enthusiasm of the first time. There are no useless things, but this does not mean that particulars are neglected. It's 24 episodes of suspense, maybe sometimes slows down a bit to let you take a breath, but not really that much.

Story: 10/10
7 mages that summon 7 servants, heroes born from the legends of different civilities, in order to compete in a battle royale to obtain in the end an awesome reward. Each master and each servant with different principles. Who is ready to kill innocent civilians to take their soul and convert it into energy, who battles to stop this, etc.
But of course it does not stop here.
Original? Well, maybe not that much, but this does not matter, as this not-so-new story is so well developed that a new originality is found.

Interaction between heroes, coming from different legends, born in different lands and different times take place. As the battle rages on, some locus amoenus show up every now and then, allowing some development of the story outside the competition

Animation: 9/10
Not the best I've seen, but this is nevertheless worth it's 9. Even just the character design is very good. The battles have some great animations, especially when there is some magic involved. But this does not mean that a sword vs sword match has a lower quality.
Very often, in other anime, whenever there are a few confused swings of some kind of weapon, explosion, and whatever, and the viewer is left with a feeling like "What happened? Oh this guy died this other is badly hurt, the other one just a scratch... But how the hell did they end up like that?"
In FSN this does not happen, each fight, spell, face, etc. is very well made and "self-explainatory".

Sound: 10/10
The 2nd opening (Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni) is just awesome. No other words to describe it.
also within the episodes there are every now and then a few musics running in the background, anonymous enough in order not to distract the watcher form the action, but still they fit in so well, that I would feel something missing if they weren't there.
About the voices, they're also very well chosen, each single voice reflects the personality of the character, and not just for what they say, but for how they say it as well. It's just an odd feeling when they speak english or german, but doesn't mean it's not appreciated!

Characters: 10/10
Huge cast. And very well differentiated. 7 masters + 7 servants = 14 characters? Not that easy. Without spoiling too much I'll just say that more characters join the plot and others leave as the story goes.
Each one quite well elaborated. Of course there are some that are taken to a higher level, but this does not affect the fact that all the due attention is given even those does not enter in these elected few.
And yes, you can find some "hated" characters coming from FSN in my list, but it's just cuz I do not like then, but that does not mean they're not well made :)

Overall: 10/10
This anime is a really good mixture of really good things. I never felt like something was missing, and I also never felt like there was too much of something, up to the point of becoming oppressive.
Entertaining story, during the episodes there are a lot of hints on how the plot will evolve. Still many twists awaits you just behind the corner. Some predictable, some not.
This anime will always remain in my suggestion list, if someone ever asks me "what are your favored anime?"

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Shindigzz Apr 11, 2012

Just wanted to say thanx, I don't get why people seem to dislike this anime... I absolutely LOVED it. Thought the characters and the story were superb, glad 2 have someone actually agree w/ me on that