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Mmhh this is a hard review. After watching this anime I just feel indifferent. Well, let's give it a point in the fact that every now and then there was a couple of events that actually had some pathos in them, and asked for a few tears. But really few. And that's all.

Story: 5/10
It may seem something original, but without going too much into spoilers, it's just a love triangle, nothing more. Only one difference in the central character if compared to the standard shy, insecure one... But those differences have an effect on the story that's nearly zero. Defined as shoujo-ai, I feel like there's a lot of things missing...

Animation: 6/10
Ok, sufficient, not optimal. There's no attention to details such as hairs, or accessories, to name two. The images only contain what's really needed to the plot, nothing more. Still, I must say that there are a couple of scenes where the graphic becomes really good, but for some unknown reasons, this happens only for 20-30 secs each 3-4 episodes...

Sound: 5/10
There are no songs outside opening and ending, nearly everything about sound falls upon voices. And here as well, there is something missing. I think the voices of the main characters could have been done better, in such a way that could express better the feelings of the girls. On the other hand, a really good voice has been given to Asuta Soro, one of the side characters.

Characters: 4/10
It is a shoujo-ai, but it is absolutely no different from a normal love triangle with a guy between two girls. Just the guy is not a guy. The story begins with an important change in the life of the main character, and I expected this to be the main thread of the anime. But in fact everyone within this anime behaves just like if what happened was something absolutely normal, maybe not a thing that happens every day, but nothing extraordinary. To me it just seems a bad excuse to carve out a shoujo-ai story in such a way that it could be appreciated even from who prefers "normal" love stories.
And while the main characters miss something in consistency, the side ones are even worse. Of all the side characters, most of them are just useless. They do nothing at all that has a minimal effect on the story. Especially the alien girl, it seems she's there only for the fact that they wanted to pit in the anime a pink-haired girl but they had no idea of what role give to her.

Overall: 5/10
I have seen far more satisfying anime before this one, still I do not consider it a waste of time. It, While it has a lot of aspects that could have been better, it's not boring. Just do not expect that much in terms of depth and originality.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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