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I... Enjoy anime and maga far more than is probably healthy, haha. I do enjoy other things though, such as rain, music, and watching America's Best Dance Crew, among other things. However, I'm really bad at describing myself so if you really want to know something, just ask. ^^

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Meekish Jan 4, 2014

Oh, no problem at all! I'm glad you liked it. ^^

Ailly Jan 3, 2014

Hey! I haven't thanked you yet for the recs! Tiger and Bunny was absolutely fun to watch. It didn't look like something I'd go for at first, but it was very entertaining. So, thanks again and a belated happy new year ^^

Tolle Jan 6, 2013

Thank you very much for the recommendations, my dear secret Santa!!!It was a thrill watching Kuragehime, and I enjoyed watching Origin: Spirits of the Past, too :)Still working on Mushi-shi, but I think it's an anime I'll enjoy better watching over a long time, so I'll probably take my time with with.Hope it wasn't too much of a hassle finding anime to recommend me - and in any case, you did a fantastic job :)Again, thank you!

Menchi Feb 16, 2011

Hello! About the UraBoku buddy group, so how's 2 eps a day, starting this Saturday (19th) sound to you? Really nice that this group formed in such a short time, I'd finally like to finish UraBoku since I watched like 2 eps of it before and then it just got stuck in my stalled-list :/ But I'll start from the beginning now, I don't remember anything anymore ^^

Looking forward to it,

~ Menchi

TropicalSwirl Feb 11, 2011

Hello~ I was on the forums and noticed you requested a Find Your Anime Buddy group for Mushishi. I just wanted to let you know that I'd love to join it, if you're still interested. I saw that you posted it a while ago and wanted to start early this month, which is why I'm commenting here. xD

It seems you're doing the February Marathon, so if you're busy with that I'm willing to wait until whenever. (:

P.s. - Based on your lovely profile picture (XD) and some of the shows you've watched, I'm guessing you enjoy shounen-ai/yaoi? I love it!