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I would do a half hour walking every day after that surgery and wouldn’t you know after having surgery I just decide you know what I don’t think I'm going to do that so anyway I’d yeah imagine that Safer Colon you know I'msittin here I'm debating and I said you know what robin you said you do it get off your butt get off this couch and go do it like really want to take anal I was waiting for big that nap and I was in overeating but I really didn’t want to do much else other than just you know do my own behavior which is but got me where I was so I got up off the couch I got my car the radio you know my car I didn't listen to the whole lot I usually have like a CD player something going on long story short is that radio with on and over the radio this guy starts talking about it was aweigh loss topic in he said you know what I don't care how you lose your way I don’t care how it happens for you but if you don't change your lifestyle you will not maintain that weight loss.

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