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I have a DeviantArt profile that I use to upload vector fan art and fractal stuff as well.

Also if it's not too much to ask for, please visit my bandcamp page. I pretty much put all my free time into making music so just you listening to a song would be awesome.

Hello! I am the essence of awesome. I write and record music in my spare time which you can view here. I also (if you cannot tell by my membership here) enjoy many forms of Japan's culture such as anime and manga. I will make sure to give reviews to some anime/manga that need to be talked about. Also, I am always up for a convo about pretty much anything so shoot me a comment sometime and if you know of any great romance/slice of life/ school life anime/manga please let me know! I hope that my reviews will help you find a great work of art to read/watch!

Rating Scale:

(0.0-3.9/10) Poop

(4.0-4.9/10) Poor

(5.0-5.9/10) Passable

(6.0-6.9/10) Average

(7.0-7.9/10) Good

(8.0-8.4/10) Great

(8.5-9.4/10) Amazing

(9.5-9.9/10) Unfathomable/He could go all the way

(10/10) Masterpiece

(I do average the four components together in order to reach an overall score. This will make it near impossible for me to review something with a total score of 10/10 but a man can dream.)

The amount of stars something receives correlates only to how much I enjoyed the show. For an anime that keeps me interested from start to finsh will receive something like 3/5. If it keeps me interested and has a very likable cast, it receives a 4/5. If the anime has the complete package of what I like, it receives 5/5. Something that I gave 5*'s to might get a 8/10 or less on a review if I think some tech area was lacking.




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Chupacabra Sep 29, 2013

Hi there!

Could you please name the manga you posted here on your "about me" page?

Thanks alot!

Aurura Jul 28, 2013

Things in the US realm are goin' crazy, as everywhere else!  *^_^*  Besides that,  all is well.

Busy is busy, I know full well too.  I was inactive for quite a while, and have no idea  how long my present activities will last, but I'm happy to be catching up with everyone now.

So I'm so glad to hear back from you!!  X3  Looking forward to your updated blog.  Check mine out too, whenever you can!  Leave me a comment too, pls!  <3

Aurura Jul 25, 2013

(*peeks from around the corner, all shy-like...*)

(*pfft*... as if I were shy...)


It's been quite a while and I haven't been around.  Gomen nasai.  -_-

but I hope you're doing okay.  Are you?  What's been goin' on?

I'll check your blog & find out!

snivets Jul 6, 2013

Thanks for your comment on my review of K! Glad to hear someone else had similar thoughts. :)

zetsubo666 Jul 5, 2013

Good job on the review and I was able to learn through you writing your own opinion so thank you for that.

As for why I like characters like Accelerator well in his case he actually does go through a huge redemption path and while he killed a lot of the sisters early in the series he ends up being even more protective of them than Misaka is and he wanted power to be left alone at first...However that isn't really what he wanted or needed as he needed someone to provide him with company that wasn't some moron trying to fight him or use him but someone he could chat to as a friend and Last order and the sisters eventually do this for him.

However I like characters in general to how well they fit into their role there are a couple of exceptions where the character just annoys me too much like Shu Ouma, Natsu Dragneel and Kirito as well as Asuna I won't get into a debate about why I think they are bad but they all have traits in their character I can't relate to and I feel detract from the story. Shu Ouma especially and out of all characters from every kind of entertainment medium I have never come across a main character who annoyed me so much. He had no traits that could define him as someone relatable because he was so selfish and misguided. He didn't really fit into the war either and only cared for his crush despite so many lives becoming dependent on him.

Basically I will like character like Akainu, Squeeler and King Bradley as I feel despite these 3 examples being pretty despicable and horrible individuals they fit in well with the story. They have good motivations and the reasoning behind their actions you can relate to even if you don't agree with them. They also are a challenge to the main cast who try to prevent their wicked ways meaning their is a sense of intrigue, progress and challenge these are key elements to making a story to capture your attention. A villain that posessing no challenge to the main cast is just a bore and you can't help but think he/she wasn't much of a threat anyway so what have the protagonist and friends actually achieved during the course of this show?

Accelerator while playing the role of the villain meant I disliked him and his actions personally but the role he played was well done meaning the character he represents is well done and easy to like but as an individual and a fellow human being during the sister's arc I despised him. Hopefully my really long explanation makes sense and sorry for rambling on so long about it.