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I have a DeviantArt profile that I use to upload vector fan art and fractal stuff as well.

Also if it's not too much to ask for, please visit my bandcamp page. I pretty much put all my free time into making music so just you listening to a song would be awesome.

Hello! I am the essence of awesome. I write and record music in my spare time which you can view here. I also (if you cannot tell by my membership here) enjoy many forms of Japan's culture such as anime and manga. I will make sure to give reviews to some anime/manga that need to be talked about. Also, I am always up for a convo about pretty much anything so shoot me a comment sometime and if you know of any great romance/slice of life/ school life anime/manga please let me know! I hope that my reviews will help you find a great work of art to read/watch!

Rating Scale:

(0.0-3.9/10) Poop

(4.0-4.9/10) Poor

(5.0-5.9/10) Passable

(6.0-6.9/10) Average

(7.0-7.9/10) Good

(8.0-8.4/10) Great

(8.5-9.4/10) Amazing

(9.5-9.9/10) Unfathomable/He could go all the way

(10/10) Masterpiece

(I do average the four components together in order to reach an overall score. This will make it near impossible for me to review something with a total score of 10/10 but a man can dream.)

The amount of stars something receives correlates only to how much I enjoyed the show. For an anime that keeps me interested from start to finsh will receive something like 3/5. If it keeps me interested and has a very likable cast, it receives a 4/5. If the anime has the complete package of what I like, it receives 5/5. Something that I gave 5*'s to might get a 8/10 or less on a review if I think some tech area was lacking.




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sannie52 Nov 9, 2011

hi ^^

thanks, you also have a very interesting list of things you have watched :P

it's a loooot xD how do you do that ?O.o xD i usually don't have a lot time to watch :(

hahah i think your avatar is cool ^^ it's from my little pony..isn't it :P?

well,,byebey ^^

Kokoro911 Nov 8, 2011

Hahah :) Mayo Chiki! is about a girl who is pretending to be a guy because her family serves the Suzutsuki family as butlers and she has no male siblings. But then the main male character walks into her stall in the bathroom by accident, and they get into a fight where he accidentally gropes her, and finds out her secret. So, in order to hush him up, Kanade Suzutsuki tries to cure this male character of his nosebleeds, which happen whenever he comes into physical contact with a female. And yes, it is very ecchi, but it definitely plays it safer than shows like Highschool of the Dead...lol :)

And yes! Katanagatari is living up to my expectations. I haven't watched much recently, but it is fantastic so far. I love the episode where Nanami and Shichika fight, but I wasn't expecting it to go back to the original episode structure after that.

Kokoro911 Nov 7, 2011

Oh, it's one of those :p

Haha, but that's how I am right now with Nodame Cantabile. I'm probably going to wait to finish it until after I'm done with Mayo Chiki! and Katanagatari.

Kokoro911 Nov 6, 2011

I agree that Ouran's dub was fantastic. They picked good voice actors for that show. I saw Honey and Clover on the list, but I never watched it. Was it good? (:

Kokoro911 Nov 6, 2011

Their selection is very limited, but at the same time, I found quite a few good series because it. And while it does suck that they only have dubs on there, it didn't really bother me too much. I usually hate dubs, but sometimes it's nice not to have to read what you're watching :p