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I have a DeviantArt profile that I use to upload vector fan art and fractal stuff as well.

I have a blog but I am lazy with updating it.

Also if it's not too much to ask for, please visit my bandcamp page. I pretty much put all my free time (other than posting on my blog) into making music so just you listening to a song would be awesome.

...LASTLY if you want to see my game related stuff you can go here for my twitch streaming and here for my YouTube uploads!

Hello! I am the essence of awesome. I write and record music in my spare time which you can view here and also review game related stuff over at 1up. I also (if you cannot tell by my membership here) enjoy many forms of Japan's culture such as anime and manga. I will make sure to give reviews to some anime/manga that need to be talked about. Also, I am always up for a convo about pretty much anything so shoot me a comment sometime and if you know of any great romance/slice of life/ school life anime/manga please let me know! I hope that my reviews will help you find a great work of art to read/watch!

Rating Scale:

(0.0-3.9/10) Poop

(4.0-4.9/10) Poor

(5.0-5.9/10) Passable

(6.0-6.9/10) Average

(7.0-7.9/10) Good

(8.0-8.4/10) Great

(8.5-9.4/10) Amazing

(9.5-9.9/10) Unfathomable/He could go all the way

(10/10) Masterpiece

(I do average the four components together in order to reach an overall score. This will make it near impossible for me to review something with a total score of 10/10 but a man can dream.)

The amount of stars something receives correlates only to how much I enjoyed the show. For an anime that keeps me interested from start to finsh will receive something like 3/5. If it keeps me interested and has a very likable cast, it receives a 4/5. If the anime has the complete package of what I like, it receives 5/5. Something that I gave 5*'s to might get a 8/10 or less if I think some tech area was lacking. I review anime/manga on a non-biased mindset so that you get a good picture of what you are getting yourself into.





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Aurura says...

>>Hugz yoooooo!!!<<

Yes, I celebrate Christmas very much, and I don't work!  So, there's the extrea Christmas present for me!  *^_^*

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dec 24, 2012
Kokoro911 says...

Ah, I see. I found a blog called Asia Addicts Anonymous or something like that. Maybe they're one in the same or similar? Oh well. It doesn't matter, I suppose. I don't keep up with many blogs after all. By the way, I tried to start out mine with a recap and review of Lain episodes...and that was a bad idea. Have you seen Lain? If you have...you would understand how difficult a task that would be. So back to the drawing board. Also, I will be using Blogger because it seems the easiest and most customizable free one so far. 

I have finally started Christmas break so I shall be enjoying tons of extra sleep here soon as well! Yay us XD I thought the news of a sequel was all just a rumor. I'm totally excited now! My only problem with the game overall was that there really wasn't any free roam capability. I love this one glitch I found that let me roam in the streets, but 9 times out of 10 there were all of these areas I wanted to explore but couldn't because they were inaccessible. Oh well, it's still a fun game. So fun I don't mind running in the same path over and over again :p As for your games, I haven't played any of them myself but I have heard of Far Cry. I've watched a walkthrough commentary of it at some point in time I think, but I'm not sure. I think I'll be looking more into them as well as your light novel/anime recommendations, though. Can't promise I'll ever get around to them both, but since Hulu has Sword Art Online I might just watch it. After I see a bit then I might get around to the novel. I have way too many things to read now over break with reading competition books, interest books, and library books. Heh XD

Dec 21, 2012
PinkyIvan says...

Ecangelion is as good if not better. But if you watch anime just for fun I wouldnt really recommend it, it is heavy on phylosophy and details. The characters are some of the best in anime, but some peoole find them annoying. And if you like mindfuck Evangelion is a great piece, but if you dont like it you are going to hate it.

Dec 20, 2012
Kokoro911 says...

Is this website up and running yet or are they still in the production stages? It sounds like a fantastic idea they have going there...I would have turned it down too though. Not only because I'd hate to be restricted to a schedule, but also because I'd hate to have to bend myself to the demands of other people. Whenever you're put in a collective website like that, doesn't it kind of take away from your room to experiment and have your own sort of style and drive? Also, I've just read a few posts on your blog and I'm loving it! congrats on finally getting to the whole writing thing. And also, thanks for the whole college thing. I'd stick with the plan to just get a job and work at it straight out of school, but I kind of want to teach history to youngsters so I feel as if some sort of formal education is required. Not sure how I'm going to pay for it or if it'll be worth it in the end, but hey...why not? It's a 50/50 chance that I'm willing to take.

I'm jealous of my sister because she's already on her winter break just like you are :p I still have the rest of this week left before I go on mine. Oh well, I get out of school for a gov/ec field trip thing this Thursday so I guess it'll go a little faster. I think I'm going to spend my winter break working on setting my blog up. The past couple of weeks I've been gathering some thoughts together and writing sample posts to start but I haven't quite gotten around to setting it up yet. I guess I'm kind of going with what that website is, but mine is less restrictive. I'm going to put the bars around Asia, not so much just Korea and Japan. We'll see how it works out. Maybe I'll end up changing it around after a while anyway since that's such a broad scope of topics. And because I'm curious, what kind of games do you play? Same with light novels/music...if you don't mind ;D I've recently been enjoying myself a game called Mirror's Edge. I don't care if the plot's stupid. I enjoy running around on top of skyscrapers in a terrifyingly white and picturesque city :p 

Dec 17, 2012
Kokoro911 says...

Hm...Not really. I'm kind of just as closed off from the real world as I had been before, except this time some other obsessions besides anime are kind of eating up my free time. I've recently gotten into writing reviews for all kinds of Asian entertainment and plan to post them up on my own blog sooner or later as no organized website seems to think my writing is good enough...meh :p I've also begun to dabble a bit in Korean and have been learning it in spurts for the past few months due to some other future plans. So in other words, while I lurk on the forums here quite a bit just to drop a few thoughts, I don't log on to my main page that much anymore as I have a pretty large absence of a watching/want to watch list. I hope I can get back into it with as much fire as I had before soon, though :)

But as far as the real world is concerned, I'm rather stressed. The looming deadlines of college applications and ways to get accepted are all the more present. I can't decide where I want to place myself for the next 4 years though I'm quite sold on what I'd like to spend that time on. 

But enough about me. How have you been lately? Hopefully things are going well on your side. Sorry I've just left such a huge chunk of comment to eat up your page XD

Dec 16, 2012