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***This review might contain very light spoilers***

I do not care what everyone might think of this anime; yes it is a no nonsense comedy and yes the main character is a huge perve but despite all of this there are many heartfelt and amazing scenes inside this 2013 anime.

Story: 6/10

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko is a story about cat gods that make wishes and the unseen consequences of said wishes. The story follows Youto who is for all intents and purposes a huge pervert with a heart full of gold (and most likely blood too). He ends up becoming the reason Tsukiko, the younger Tsutsukakushi sister loses her ability to show emotion. Along with her older sister Tsukushi and an annoying blonde ditz Azusa, they all go through different trials and events due to the cat gods wishing powers.

So first off; this is a harem. If you do not like harems then leave now you will not like this show. For you who are still here, there are many great things this show accomplishes. First while this is a fanservice heavyish anime, pretty much everything is tied to a gag. Youto gets into many different situations because like 99.9% of the boys his age, he is a perve. All of these scenes (and believe me there are tons) are so funny and yes I actually did “laugh out loud” during many moments of the show. The scenes with Tsukiko are especially funny since even when she is extremely embarrassed, her monotone, no expression acting makes it so much funnier. It is a really funny show take my word for it.

What the show ended up lacking on is what shows in this genre usually end up doing; leaving out important information and having excessive plot holes. A large amount of information seems to be pulled out of nowhere or just not looked into enough. It just seemed a little off putting when a character would bring up something like it’s common knowledge in the show but you cannot remember when (or even if) it was brought up. Also there will be large amounts of time where a main character will just up and disappear without any notice for three or so episodes.

Now pertaining to the actual plot of the show, you can kind of split this show up into three or so parts. Essentially we start with the whole Tsukiko emotionless thing but then later on you are introduced to Azusa who ends up wishing for stuff. So essentially as the show progresses you will see Youto have to deal with various issues with various individuals. Everything seems to flow quite nicely EXCEPT the last sort of story arc (I guess the last four or so episodes). Everything begins to rush to a certain point of the plot and I feel as if some more time was needed. I do have to say that the final episode was very enjoyable as we FINALLY got to see some back story for Youto. Overall the story is passable and enjoyable even if the show suffers from pacing issues towards the end.

Animation: 8.8/10

The animation in this show is really good thanks to the character models, lighting, AND THE EYES (I’m a weirdo). Each character is very detailed and has a constant quality throughout the entire season. Also the eyes are extremely well done. There are many scenes where characters will seem more believable just because of how they are looking towards each other (eyes are important man). The color palette was pretty good in my opinion; nothing looked bland and the backgrounds were pretty good.

Sound: 7.5/10

The main star focus of the sound in this anime are the voice actors. Even though Tsukiko was monotone for like 95% of the show, just the way her voice actor presented herself with the different mannerisms made her character’s performance much more believable. The rest of the cast also did a great job especially Youto. As for the soundtrack for the anime, all I can say is that it was pretty average. Other than the really catchy opening song, everything else was there but just not over the top awesome.

Characters: 8/10

The only thing really holding me back from giving this show a close to perfect score on the character section is Azusa. She was by far the most annoying female character of this season (yes even more than Tohka from Date a Live). That being said, the rest of the cast did an amazing job providing us with some very interesting scenes.  The chemistry between Youto and Tsukiko is awesome to see unfold throughout the entire season as they do become closer and closer. Also due to some certain events later on in the show, Youto somehow gets on Tsukushi’s good side which makes things even more interesting later on with all three main females gunning for Youto. Most of the characters get pretty extensive character development so yeah overall this anime did a great job presenting us with interesting characters (fu#@ Azusa though…annoying b!%ch).

Overall: 7.6/10

This show was a real shocker for me. When I saw “hentai” in the title for the show, I automatically assumed it was going to be a stupid ecchi anime. What I found out after twelve episodes was that masked in this gag comedy anime, there are some really cute, interesting, and serious moments that I will remember for the years to come. I strongly encourage you take the time to sit through this show. You will be too busy laughing your ass off to point out the plot holes.

Enjoyment: 9/10

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Awesome Drummer

6/10 story
8.8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.6/10 overall

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