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Date a Live

Jun 23, 2013

***This is a spoiler free review***

Continuing on from the recent trend of turning great light novels into subpar anime, Date A Live proves to be a mediocre romantic comedy that fails to bring anything worthwhile to the genre.


Story: 4.5/10

I’ll admit that the first episodes did draw me in as the idea of someone “wooing” mythical creatures in order to keep them from destroying the world seemed like a fresh idea. The main plot boils down to our main male lead Shido having to “tame” these magical spirits in order to keep their magical outbursts in check. So yeah it turns into a harem since by the end of the season he will have four or so girls wanting his D. This however is not the downfall of the series; I tend to like harems IF they are done well enough. This anime falls very short in my opinion because the cast just doesn’t flow very well with each other. The main female lead Tohka is just a whiny and needy girl that gets mad at Shido for literally everything. It also doesn’t help that the show is extremely predictable and drags towards the final episodes. Overall if you are looking for a thought provoking show this is one you need to steer clear of.

*Something I forgot to add; there is a pretty large amount of fanservice in this anime but I never found it too distracting.*

Animation: 6.7/10

Something the show does seem to pull of reasonably well is the visual presentation. Both the fight and more tame dialogue scenes have good quality which seems to hold throughout the entire season without degrading in quality. Character models in my opinion could have been better but they were “good enough”. Have to admit though that the eyes in this anime were really well done (don’t know why I love eyes so much but yeah it’s the only decent thing Tohka had).

Sound: 5/10

There really isn’t a lot to comment on for the sound of this anime. The soundtrack is generic at best and the voice actors did an “ok” job. Sound is an important thing to try to capitalize on since it is so pivotal to the overall experience of video media. This anime fell short in my opinion but by no means completely failed on the audio presentation.

Characters: 4.5/10

Harems are only successful if you have the characters to back up the ridiculous notion of calling a man (or women) liking multiple partners a sane thing. In Date A Live, Shido is kind of just thrown in to these turn of events and really doesn’t have a saying in his own actions so he gets a pass. The characters he is tasked with “taming” however just make the show boring to watch. As I mentioned earlier, Tohka is an annoying crying female that overreacts to everything. Kotori (Shido’s sister) is your typical generic tsundere who has a small twist to her character towards the end of the series but I didn’t care for her so whatever. The other two spirits in the show Yoshino and Kurumi were also pretty generic and uninteresting. The only thing they brought to the table was that Yoshino was super ultra cute which can only go so far. So what the show boils down to is its wild card character, Origami. Presented as an emotionless tomboy, she provided many unique and funny scenes with Shido. She developed feelings for Shido fairly early on which provided some interesting moments between her and the other spirits. She is the sole character that I ended up liking in this show.

Overall: 5.2/10

It really is a shame what is occurring in the anime industry at the moment. I have now seen three really good light novels (Sword Art Online, Oniichan Dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai, and now Date A Live) become these really average anime when they could have been so much more. Actually in general I have noticed that animation studios are playing it safe with these high school romantic comedies and not taking risks on more farfetched plots. The last really good show that was nothing like anything else I had seen was Fate/Zero back in 2011. While this season of anime has brought a couple good shows (thank god for Chihayafuru 2), we are getting too many of these romcons at once. I hope that the next anime season brings some more daring shows.

Enjoyment: 3.5/10

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Awesome Drummer

4.5/10 story
6.7/10 animation
5/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
5.2/10 overall

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eifiee Aug 17, 2013

I pretty much agree with everything you said!  The anime was quite lackluster it is becoming hard to make it through the last few episodes so I may just drop or at least stall it.  The show also bothers me for a few other reasons:  such as (so far at least, I just finished ep 8 so I'm sorry if it's said afterwards) spirits just show up, they don't explain anything about them & even the spirits themselves apparently know nothing about themselves which kind of just seems like a copout because the writers couldn't think of anything.  Who cares about the important stuff right, let's just show some clevage & the audience will forget!!  Another thing is the sister, Kotori.  Like in the first few minutes she was some sweet innocent girl who really loved her brother (a little too much if you ask me :p) & then all the sudden she's some rude tsundere who won't explain a damn thing to her brother.  She even goes so far to call him an idiot for trying to save her, um?  I'm sorry, I've just grown so tired of downright bitchy characters.  ALSO WHERE ARE ALL THE GUYS???  You'd think at least the AST would have a guy right?  They're literally all f*cking girls lmao get real!  & Shido, it really bothered me that he wouldn't explain anything to Tohka.  like dude she's a spirit if you just tell her what is going on she would understand & not be so depressed & think you're cheating on her all the damn time.  But I'm sure that was an order or something from Kotori's really useless group who does nothing but embarras Shido when using him as a live dating sim.  I kind of liked Origami, because unlike most "silent" type characters, she could make experssions & have opinions, which is rare, but I did hate how she was instantly in love with Shido?  It seemed like she stalked him before all of this happened, so maybe that was why she loved him, but hell of a coincidence that she just happened to be stalking the guy that all these events would revolve around.  Kurumi for me is the only good thing,though.  Maybe it's just because she killed the guys hurting that poor poor baby kitten (you go Kurumi) but I like what she wears, & I always love pyschotic characters, especially when they massacre people, hahaha.  I don't know what I was expecting but this show is just so-so.  It's not terrible but it's not something I'll remember in a few weeks either, that's for sure.I did like the character designs, all except for Kotori, because there are so many that look like her already.  I also hated how when she switched to tsundere mode her fucking ponytail holders changed into black oh my god how lame hahaha okay I'm done thank you if anyone read this sorry it was so long 

zetsubo666 Jul 3, 2013

Good job a reasonable and fair review that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the series and I hope other people will recognise that 5.2/10 is an above average score meaning the series is not bad.

I also agree on Tohka especially I couldn't stand her at all being so needy just got on my nerves as her and Origami made the main character's job so much hareder for no good reason. Shame Tohka is the most popular female on the like list on this site have no idea why though :(

RingoStarr1991 Jun 27, 2013

On the animation I stated that the show did "reasonably well" in comparison with the rest of the categories. Yes I thought the eyes were amazing (cus I'm a weirdo) but everything else was pretty average. This ties into my rating for the sound; for me average is 5/10 because it is the halfway point. Now I'm pretty picky on sound because I make my own music and forcefully surround myself in it as much as possible. That being said I grade it harshly just because it is in my mind the most important aspect out of all the categories. A great soundtrack/musical score can make a world of difference.

GoombaJMR Jun 27, 2013

I agree with your review on most parts, but maybe you're grading a bit too harsh?

If a new person were to read (for ex) your animation part, it doesn't sound like it deserves a 6.7, rather an 8 or 8.5. Maybe you're forgetting to state something, or I'm simply mistaken, but it is a bit harsh.

Also you say that the music didnt "fail", yet you gave it a 5/10. I just wonder what your grade level is.

Thanks for reading my comment! :)