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***This is a spoiler free review***

Well it’s finally over. I hate to say it but I had such high hopes for this show after seeing the opening episode but while Kotoura-san is energetic, beautiful to look at, and full of interesting characters, it falls far short of what I feel it was striving for.

Story: 5/10

This anime takes many steps forward in trying to make this drama/slice of life interesting but unfortunately falls down the stairs one too many times. The show opens up in such an amazing fashion; Haruka is a very young girl who was born with the ability to read peoples thoughts. Unknowingly she spreads out everyone’s feelings and soon finds herself all alone at a very vulnerable stage. She also in the process ruins her parents’ marriage by babbling out their personal plans with some not so ok people. She ends up at rock bottom with no one to turn to except her grandfather. Flash-forward a couple years to high school and she is still very shy and scared of reading people’s thoughts. Just when she is about to give up all hope, she is introduced to Yoshihisa who takes a liking to Haruka despite her ability to see and hear every one of his thoughts. So this premise is freaking awesome right!? The first three episodes had me completely hooked because the premise was interesting and it felt like it was going to be a semi-serious high school drama. Well though luck kids because this show runs down stale lane after about the fifth episode. What the show turns into is your typical “This is what our club (the ESP society) did today” which don’t get me wrong isn’t a bad thing for some shows. Why it doesn’t work in Kotoura-san is because there was this big whole setup to make me think this show could be more than a romantic comedy. Speaking of comedy, the slapstick style humor and running gags in this show were funny the first time they were introduced but when the main gag of a show is the main character thinking of really pervy stuff and getting slapped for it…like every episode, it gets a little boring. With crap airing right now like Da Capo III and Little Busters, I was really hoping this was going to be that somewhat awesome drama that Maoyuu Maou Yuusha also could have been (I found out that show was just all about boobs). After revising all the airing anime this season, I have to unfortunately agree with the rest of the internet in saying that there was just way too much moe stuff this season.

Animation: 7.9/10

Grr this is a tough thing to talk about because the animation in this show is both really basic looking but also fantastic…all at the same time. There really isn’t a lot of work done on the character models and in typical anime fashion when a comedic scene pops up, the facial expressions on the characters turn extremely basic looking for an added effect. Why I also fit in fantastic as an adjective is because the lighting, quality of the backdrops, and how the eyes were animated was just so…awesome. “What this guy is giving a good score based on eye animation?” Yes, yes I am because like I said in my Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo review the show has a “normal” feeling towards it but the little elements make it shine. The animation while a little too cartoony for my tastes was still unique and very pretty to look at. It would have scored even higher but I didn’t find some of the character models very appealing.

Awesome opening

Sound: 6.5/10

The sound design was in my opinion pretty average in this anime. I did enjoy the opening theme quite a lot as it was both catchy and the instrumentation was to my liking. The voice actors also did a pretty good job but I got so fu#$ing annoyed with Haruka saying in her high pitched voice “Ewww Manabe!” over…and over…and over again. Also the music used during the show was very generic and just not very appealing.

Characters: 6/10

The problem with the characters in Kotoura-san is that the ones that are interesting and unique don’t give you a reason to like them and the main characters (Haruka and Yoshihisa) annoy the fu#$ out of you. So see the problem here? Yuriko and Daichi are both interesting but Yuriko’s hidden agenda and true feelings just make her feel no remorse on my end and Hiyori is just an annoying tomboy third wheel. I do have to say that all the characters had good chemistry and created some funny and interesting moments throughout the season but as individuals not one of them stood out to me in an overly positive way.

Overall: 6.4/10

Yeah a 6.4 sounds just about right for this show. The only noteworthy things I can praise this anime for was the amazing opening episode, catchy opening theme, and the unique art style. Believe me I REALLY wanted to like this show but it really did fail on me. God I really hope there is some new unique anime coming out soon because while I like a romantic comedy just as much as the next person, I don’t want like five of them like this season. Go watch this though if you get bored because…well it’s better than watching School Days right?

Enjoyment: 5/10

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Awesome Drummer

5/10 story
7.9/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.4/10 overall

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Thunderbird Aug 7, 2013

I agree, this series could have been amazing, it had such a great and emotional start.

Too bad that was wasted :/

kio3459 Apr 5, 2013

We're definitely on the same wavelength.  Kotoura-san started off so well!  I love the drama, the comedy (especially EP 1 when she completely breaks down when she loses the kitten).... Then.. 4-5 eps in... I got really bored.  The same pervy jokes and gags/Kotoura same reactions got really old and stale.  Too bad..  They could have done so much with that alone... Having a girl being able to read the mind of a guy is proably one of the scariest things that I can think of.

The only bright spot was actually seeing a more realistic male character instead of typical "clueless" harem type.  What a shame..  Was I the only one that really got disappointed with the ending?  After yrs of neglect/lack of parenting and just "bam"... Everything got resolved a little to qucik and easy for my taste.  This one could have been a real gem..

Lastly, I disagree with you a little bit on the sound/the score.  I found certain OST tracks pretty good (especially during her trying times aka 1st EP when she loses it). SAO and this one really dropped the ball..

RingoStarr1991 Mar 29, 2013

Yes I have to admit I was a little too generous towards Sakarsou but I loved the characters so much that it kind of made me interested in finishing the whole series. Normally I try to keep super personal feelings away from my reviews but sometimes a well-crafted cast mixed in with some great animation can make something a tad bit more watchable. But yes this season was way too slice of lifey and way too moe; anime really needs to balance what is airing so that you have things to watch from every major genera.

zetsubo666 Mar 29, 2013

Well done this review echoes my own thoughts while I did enjoy it slightly more than you did I think that we can both agree that the awesome premise at the start was wasted. The dissapointment reminds me of SAO another series that wasted an awesome concept if Kotura san carried its serious vibe instead of trying to appeal to the MOE crowd is well it could have been an incredible slice of life that would be one to remember. In a season with vastly superior anime to it this series will ultimately be forgotten.

Though I think you are far too generous to one of the other Slice of life animes this season Sakarsou no pet been having problems getting past half way with that series. I just think its far too prententious and most of their problems in life arn't really problems and could have easily been avoided.

Anyway sorry to go off topic you did a great job with this review so thanks for writing it up.