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My Winter Adventures

15 JAN

Over the winter break, I have ventured into doing many different things. Besides the obvious sleeping in and watching tv, I have picked up The Old Republic (which is ridicusly addictive), and began re-reading "A Princesess of Mars" which is the source material for Disney's upcoming movie "John Carter".

In anime related news, I am still watching Working'!!, Mirai Nikki, and Gintama' (each one still just a fun to watch). I have however added two more series to my watching list:

The first anime to be added to my list is the newest season of Amagami SS, Amagami SS+. From my review of Amagami SS, you can tell that I very much liked the series and have always wished for a sequel of some sort. The new season will use the same format as the pervious one (each female gets their own arc that after completed, will reset the timeline of the show and repeat the process with another female character). The difference being that in this season there will be only two episodes for each female instead of the four that Amagami SS had. I really hope they don't drop the ball on this one.

The second anime to be added to my list is the new season of Zero no Tsukaima. The previous season left me and a lot of people a bad taste in our mouth as the series drifted away from what it was known for, witty comedy splashed with small doses of ecchi, to a complete harem with a cluster f@#% of unnecessary ecchi. With the new season promising a focus of story driven comedy and less ecchi, I put my hopes in the studio to bring this anime back up to its former glory.

I will try to finish Mashiro-Iro Symphony and give it a full review like I promised but I just don't seem to have the drive to finish it. As far as reviews for other shows, don't expect to see anything any time soon due to school starting up again, The Old Republic sucking away the remaining free time, and somehow still finding time to record my band's music and watch anime. I'm sure I'll hash something together but don't get your hopes up.


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