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My, "The Old Republic" Beta adventures

16 NOV

You can also find this in my 1up page's blog.

I spent almost all of my weekend playing The Old Republic Beta in order to:
1. Provide some feedback for Bioware

2. Convince myself to buy and commit to this game when it comes out

After playing for 35+ hours, I can say that the game is VERY enjoyable (I played Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight) but there are some things that are grinding my gears. The controls are fine; anyone with MMO experience will fit right in. The story is also great; it’s just the concept of an MMO fitting in with the story that is causing some issues. I know the point of the game is to have a KOTOR experience with other people, but with the companions they give you (4 for every class), you can finish every story driven mission without the help of anyone else. There are Heroic missions that require a group of 2+ or 4 but the 2+ missions can be done with your companion and no other human aided help. The game is very fun and is interesting but after playing it, I cannot justify myself paying the monthly charge of $15 if I can play the first 35 hours of the game without the help of any human characters. Why should I have to pay for the game and an additional $15 a month if I don't need other human players? Bioware has a great game with an awesome plot here; I just don't think that with the companions it should be an MMO. If Bioware releases an offline version of the game (extremely doubtful), then I am all over it. As for now, I will not be investing in this game.


I understand that this is the point of an MMO; to have the ability to play with others. I just wished that they would somehow have a more focused, single player offline option for each class for this game. It has the capabilty to do so; very easy to solo all of the class quests. This is just pure dreams and fantasy in my head. A man can dream :(

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