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September Anime


Since school has started up again I usually find myself with no time to write music, watch anime, and read some manga. Through many recommendations from people I have watched two very well done anime that at first glance I put off.

The first is Hanasaku Iroha. Ever since I watched Aria, I never thought a slice of life anime that only covers the everyday lives of some characters would be so enjoying to watch. The first episode sets everything up and once it ended I had to finish the entire series. Yeah its about hotels and some not so well done romance side story that somehow finds its way into the main plot but overall I leave the series pleasantly surprised with how great the plot was and how the characters are so loveable.

The second series was a huge shocker for me. Steins;Gate totally put me off when I watched the first episode in February. Due to what people told me in that it drastically sets off after the second episode, I decided to give it another chance. After the first 5 episodes, I couldn't stop watching it and had to finish it this weekend. It has a Death Note vibe with some serious sci-fi undertones. The writing for this anime was so sublime and well done its a mystery why I just now heard of it. These two anime I highly recommend to everyone as they are on  Crunchyroll thus are completely free and legal.

You won't be disappointed with these anime. They caught me off guard and thus put me behind on my homework but was completly worth it.

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