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Welcome to the NHK!

Aug 14, 2010

Welcome to the NHK (Japaneese Hikikomori Conspiracy) review.

Story 9/10

The first time I heard about Welcome to the NHK was a funimaton add on anime-planet and medicore slice-of-life drama anime was the first thing i thought about after reading, the few uninformative tags on the site did not help alot either.

And then 2 years without giving as much as a thought to this anime untill one day my friend was talking about this hillarious new anime he had been watching called Welcome to the NHK. He convinced me to watch it and I am not regretting even the slightest breaking all my expectations with the awesome weirdness and humor this anime provided.

So, what is it that makes this anime so good?

That is the weird main character satou and the people he meets on his quest somewhat reluctantly to get rid of his hikikomori ways.                                                                                                                            Satou's social withdrawal get's him involved in alot of dysfunctional addictions or activeties some we might even recognise ourself in.                                                                   From making ero games to playing mmorpg games and internet suicide meetings makes our sosially withdrawed main character Satou go through alot of comical but psychological filled situations and at the same time bring out the ways of the N.E.E.T, hikikomori and other social problems we dont give much thought to.

Addition to the humor the anime sometimes makes you think, specially about how the whole anime and internet culture is shaping our exsistance today with the closeure of the real world while spending more and more time infront of technological devices and sosial media like facebook,mmorpgs,twitter and the likes that many of us in the anime culture have come across.                                                                                                     In the end maybe we all have a little bit of satou in us.

Animation 7/10

The animation is done by GONZO and is just allright,but some characters might feel bland sometimes compeared to the hand drawn characters of end 90's early 00'. All in all the animations and sync is allrght and in no way horrible.

Sound 9/10

The opening song is very plesant and unlike most newer animes above medicore . the animation in the sequence is really fitting to the show and so is the lyrics .

The first ending song cought me by suprise as it starts out just ok and then suddenly bam go all psychological, in a good way. At least I ended up humming "abababababa"~ a loong time after I finished the show.

Music in the series is allright jpop but not epic by any means. just right.Voice acting is much better than many newer animes I watched japaneese dub with english subs but according to my friend the english dub is even better!

Overall the OST might be just at the level of Trigun or Irresponsble Captain Tylor wich both are really good.

Characters 8/10

Satou is the most interesting funny and weird character in a long time. most likely satou makes up most of the interesting part of the plot but the supporting characters are somewhat interesting too.

Overall 9/10

In the end a noteworthy awesome anime.

What you are still reading? go watch Welcome to the NHK you wont regret it.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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