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Mar 18, 2010

Afro Ken

( first review as I am starting with the letter A )

Where do i start?.. ok this is my first review and sadly it had to be about afro-ken and I will tell you why its sad in a minute.

about my review style: i like to be short,and not write too much about unnessesary thing so the review wont get long boring and spoil as little as possible and at the same time explain why i think this or that .


Ok what story? this ova is like a commercial with the designer showing off all the other ken's (the only funny part in this 45 min long torture ova) with this voice actor talking like you are 1 year old and the animation and even the interview being POOR made.


GOD, its simply put CRAP its like one guy spent a few days on a simple 3D drawing board and made a few scenes with x number diffrent hairstyled dogs... its bland,dephtless, low budget ,abysmall.... and all the other words you can find for BAD.

Even Gundam from 1979 with an insanely low budget and a lot reused animation managed to pull it off way better.

I would wish to belive that today with all the CGI and animation technology avable they could get ANYTHING better, but noo, at least in the past it was expensive to draw so you had to make a little effort to manage to sell you'r tv series, but today you can just draw something on flash/paint or something like photoshop and all the teenagers will come running and say its 10/10 awezome! , what happend with depth in colouring i ask?

Conclusion : in this case it's not important but animation could have been way better with little effort


It was just below ok, but the childish voice actor and the crazy ken sounds ruined it totally. a real mess to lisen to!


the only upside are all the funny ken's (dogs) and ofc afro ken's funky hairstyle, ther eis no plot what so ever so that's all there is to it.


DONT watch this unless you are high or LOVE dogs.... O.o

Comments please!

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2/10 animation
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3/10 overall
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