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Hey! Im Riku Gasai! AKA "The King of Nerds" (long story about that title lol.) I love anime, manga, cooking, my GF <3 , cats, .... and well.... JAPAN! ive always wanted to go to study culinary there. I love the language (im taking japanese at my high school) i love the food, i love the entire country!!! And not just because of anime and manga. (though thats sparked my love)

I have limited acess to anime and manga but i dont let that stop me from getting my hands on it when i can! though sadly the busy life of a high school senior makes it harder to watch and read..... 

My top 10 animes are as follow: 

1)  Ore no Imouto (longer name but..... dont have it memorized :P )

2)  Mirai Nikki

3)  Blood +

4)  Death Note

5)  Code Lyoko (idk if people say its not an anime. it is to me and it was a childhood fave)

6)  Soul Eater

7)  MM!

8)  Guilty Crown

9)  BTOOM!

10) Maria Holic

for manga:

1)  Deadman Wonderland

2)  After School Charisma

3)  Bakurano Ours

4)  After School Nightmare (not related to After School Charisma)

5)  Heart no Kuni no Alice

6)  Death Note

7)  Durarara

8)  Mayo Chiki

9)  Not Simple

10) 5 Centameters Per Second.

anyways i doubt anybody really cared to read this but if you did THANKS! and hopefully we can become good friends. i like to consider all otakus my family ^~^ so SAYONARA!!

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InnocentKiller Nov 1, 2014

Me? Me....hmm me? XD sorry...me I've been pulling through all right!

InnocentKiller Nov 1, 2014

O~O Woah man you've been all over the place!!

Sounds like ur enjoying life to its fullest though! Right?  Haha I'm happy for u 

(Silently cheers on the cosplaying attempt!)

InnocentKiller Oct 8, 2014

Hey! Its been so long! :3 so happy yto hear from you ^o^

Its all good I've had some difficulties as well lol

I'm glad to have you back! How's it been?

Sianeka Oct 7, 2014

Hey hey! Good to see you again! Glad you made it back and am especially glad you stopped by to give me a hello! I see you have recently finished Guilty Crown and rated it highly. I just started it and will be watching it with a friend. I hope I end up enjoying it as much as you did! *smile*

KiraRen Sep 6, 2014

Hola. Don't know why, but I love anime pictures so much. yours is very cool. Bye.