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My name is Sam.

I'm not very interesting, I just love anime :D

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wolfangel87 Nov 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

arrianacorr Apr 30, 2008

Hey! You been up to much recently?

It's nearly my Birthday,yayayaya!

I REALLY hope, and it would be super awesome if my parents would buy me tonnes of manga, and exclusive anime items and things, and promotions, off ebay and japanese sites...


sadly, I don;t think so.

a. My mum, well, she quite frankly when you mention a m ouse she thinks you mean the creature, and using the internet only goes about two clicks past goggle search.  (LOL. I meant google.)

b. My dad. errr HE'S awesome on the pc. but, he's rubbish at rememebering WAHT it is to buy.... and I dont like telling people what to get, I prefer slight surprsises you know? 

The best I can hope for is money towards my savings, cos I'm trying to save yup to Japan.... (Yeah, it;s a bit tricky, you see, i got 50 pounds... i got 3 years to make that 1400, and I can go... >.<)

You ever been, or thinking of going????

 YOSH GAnBarU yo! 

xXYoruichiXx Dec 19, 2007

Oooh..I love your avatar! Kyo and Tohru, right? I found a wallpaper not too long ago with a similar image that I just love.

arrianacorr Dec 17, 2007

Heee, just watch the beach episode, when Beachy Glasses guy was holding Karin's bakini high in the air and laughing, so many funny chibi's too ^0^, I loved Karin in the woods, with that fish mouth if you can remember it.

On the weekend me and my friend (who is also anime/manga crazy) went shopping and bought ourselves random manga's that turned out hilarious....

The girl, Rahzel, jumps down off a wall and lands ontop of a massive random guy. The main boy is with her on the floor, and holidng a little boy in hostage, "Rahzel no need to put down your weapon, finish this boy off will you?" Rahzel replies, "Actually I'll put my weapon down, i already have my own hostage, under my bum."  The guy laughs, "Oh. Poor hostage." then in very small writing (although he must be very happy to be feeling your bum.) 0.o. It's a little scary....

Whadda you up to? Any Christmas shopping yet??? (I feel so bad I've hardly bought my family anything...[spent it all on my friends!]) 

arrianacorr Dec 4, 2007

Yeah, KAYUUT, but that guy with two different colour eyes freaks me out!

In the bath episode I just saw, me and my sister were again freaked out, 0-0

(his towel fell off, ^0^ and my sister using her advanced toilet humour skills thought it was something else)

wasn't kazune's rap so, errr, shall we say passionate, and lively ! (Im not japanese and I dont know how the real song goes, but ... yeah :P)

Thanks for keeping shhhhhhhh. The other himeka haunts meh >.<(Himika?)