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nallyasian Mar 22, 2012

Hehe interesting!

Well about me you say? Hmm... OKAY! ^^"

Musical style: well I like many songs from lots of different styles of music. Pop, rock, techno, alternative, classical... if it's good, I will listen to it :) genre doesn't matter to me. So I'm very open to these sort of things hehe if you want a list of bands I've liked so far I'll list them next time cos I'm in History class at the moment so I'm kind of running out of time :$

Hobbies: watching anime! Reading, playing the piano, hanging out with friends, youuu name it!

Choice of dress (hehe just because): Hehe I have lots of dresses but I don't wear them :3 I like to wear jeans and shirts instead.

Anyways gotta go! Keep in touch :D

nallyasian Mar 21, 2012

Haha well if you reaaaally wanna know... ;P

I'm 15. So you could say I'm pretty young compared to everyone else on this site (they're like all in their 20's!)

And I dunno what you mean by tastes :$ Taste in anime? Taste as in food? Cos if you wanna know about all the food I like... (looks at very long list) XD

What about you? You don't seem to have much in your bio, I wanna get to know you too! :")

nallyasian Mar 21, 2012

haha WHAT WHAT? I am a sexy beast! ;)

just my statement, that is all :P

nallyasian Mar 19, 2012

oh okay... that makes sense hehe ^^"

it must be a little hard for the fansub groups though.

and I'm kind of stupid. so I didn't know you speak Portuguese, huh... :/

nallyasian Mar 4, 2012

oh hehe sorry if you can't understand me well. but don't worry, i have a lot of international friends at school so I will speak quite clearly from now on.

hmm, australia? well life is good here too! I think so anyway :)

also: what language do you speak in brazil? and how do you watch your anime with subs? english or what..?