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The bad days are needed for good worthwhile.

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nallyasian says...

i missed you too ;;;

(wow i haven't been on this site in ages! haha) ><''''

Aug 9, 2013
nallyasian says...

my favourite brazillian <3


Sep 22, 2012
nallyasian says...

love your new avatar! XD

i added you, but you're never online. i guess we have a pretty big time difference then.

Apr 14, 2012
nallyasian says...

haha yup sure! do you have skype or fb or whaaaat? ^^" just send me your information and i'll add you as soon as I can lol.

Apr 8, 2012
nallyasian says...

hey, hey! it's okay if you respond late. as you can see you're not the only late replier here... it took me a while haha. sorry about that I was at school camp ^^"

i play any sort of music so long as it interests me! :) i love both classical and modern pieces. if i feel like it I'll learn a pop song by figuring it out by ear, or read the notes off a classic score. and I've got a few anime theme songs up my sleeves too XD

how about you mister? do you play any instruments?

Apr 6, 2012