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Trying to reamber a Anime.


Ok so I need some help. I am trying to remember an anime I watched last year, I do not think it is in my list. The anime is about random people in Japan given lots of money to see what they will do with it. If they spend it all or lose it they die, or if someone els kills them then there money gets transfered over to that person.

The anime starts out with the main guy walking outside the white house without any memory. Thats all I will give away as I do not want to give any spoilers.

I would like to watch this anime again, so if anyone knows of it please let me know.

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HattoriBattousaiUkyo avatar HattoriBattousaiUkyo
Apr 12, 2011

Eden of East is the exact anime you are looking for.  Its one of my favs.

Riga avatar Riga
Mar 8, 2011

Thanks, that is the anime I was looking for, when I seen it before I do not think there whas any movies out for it. Going to be nice to see it again, and to follow it up with two movies.

tyranid5 avatar tyranid5
Mar 7, 2011

I really liked the TV series, but really I just got around to watching the 2 movies recently. They made it even better than I thought it could be.

sothis avatar sothis
Mar 7, 2011


^_^ http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/eden-of-the-east (and 3 movies, linekd in the relations tab)

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