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Usagi Drop

Dec 24, 2013

NOTE: This is a review for the Secret Santa 2013.


This anime is about a man, Daikichi Kawachi, who lives on in his own and adopts the child of his grandfahter, who just passed away, Rin Kaga. Rin's mother just left her alone and nobody knows about her.  From then on he has to take care of her, show her the outside world and teach her the important things in life. Daikichi now has to manage to wake her up, make breakfast, take her to kindergarten and to school and also go to work like he usually did before. Overall, his daily life is now more stressed. The whole story follows the life of the two-man family where Daikichi tries his best for Rin to have a good life and help her with the loss of her father.


Well, I don't really know how to rate animation because I don't really know what animation is good or not so good. It depends on if i like the animation in a show or not. And in this show i really liked it because it fits this anime well. Based on the story, this show doesn't need a spectacular animation. The animation is 'cute' and fits this cute Slice of Life anime. Nothing more to say.


Nothing really outstanding in this anime. But while watching this show, there were parts where the sound really underlined the scene. There wasn't any lack of sound, and always the sound really fitted the situation. Nothing more to say.


In my opinion this is why the anime is so good. First of all there wasn't one character in this show who really annoyed me. The main character Daikichi goes through a great character development through the story. At the beginning he is ha lazy thirty-year-old man who lives in his small house and only works for himself to get money to live on. He has really nothing to do. But when adopts Rin he gets a great responsibility and it's really interesting to see Daikichi finding a purpose in his life.
Also Rin has a great character development. While living with Daikichi she grows up and and learns a lot by and for herself. Seeing her growing up also drags you into watching this show.
All the other characters are also good in my opinion and I liked them.


Overall I loved this show. It was really interesting to see Daikichi and Rin go through life together and solve their problem in life together and become like father and daughter. Rin is so cute that she alone makes the anime worth watching.
That's why for me this show is in my favorites.
For any Slice of Life fan i highly recommend this show. Or even for people who just need something in between this show is really good.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Rifunger Dec 26, 2013

Thank you. It is my first review I#ve ever written. And you should definetely watch usagi drop :D.

Bestanimeserie Dec 24, 2013

Hi, just dropped by from the forums and I must say your review is pretty well written I myself haven't seen usagi drop but your review kinda makes me wanna go watch it :)