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Yu Yu Hakusho

Oct 8, 2009

I Didn't Want to Spirit Gun Myself

Yu Yu Hakusho doesn't break the mould for shounen anime but certainly holds it's own as an interesting and entertaining series. The general story sadly follows the footsteps of DBZ whereas each arc revolves around "an even stronger guy" than previously introduced. The idea behind the "Spirit World" and the protagonist's job as "Spirit Detective" feels healthy though not groundbreaking in comparison to other series.

The hardest thing about YuYu Hakusho is dedicating over a hundred episodes worth of time to complete it when numerous episodes just spin wheels. Before long I started to fast forward empty episodes in order to get back to the core achievements of the show. Characters are varied, useful to the plot, and likable for the most part. Relationships grow and remain interesting even after one hundred episodes; My favorites being Kuwabara and Kurama for moral standpoints and ethical struggles they represent.

The animation feels a little dated and suffers from similar symptoms to other long anime that recylce looped animations over and over, but still has an original charm that makes the visual aspect of the show still enjoyable. The music is decent but I can't remember much of it; and that isn't because of a lack of memory compacity. An interesting aspect to the sound would be well-executed voice-overs, which are significant considering the age of the show and that I viewed an english dub for the majority of the episodes.

Overall I would suggest this show to shounen fans or those with a growing interest in the genre: It's a good shounen anime but viewers better be ready for much of the usual spanned over a hundred episodes.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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weardo05 Dec 26, 2011

i think part of the problem is when going back to watch these olders is we have gotten used to newer aniem wich has evolved from these earlier animes i mean mario 64 was ground breaking about the same time. the dubs were ecspically bad though i foudn a few dual audios for this seires but none had subs.

BrainBlow Jun 15, 2010

I really can't bring myself to downrate YYH because it seems similar to DBZ. It is only a few years younger.

ThePatches Oct 9, 2009

I liked your commentary.

I think 100 episodes isn't all that bad considering the length of One Piece/DBZ/Bleach/Naruto. However, it's good to see that someone appreciates an older shounen show. You'd think that the action-heavy titles of yesteryear would get old when compared to the likes of Soul Eater, but a lot of this stuff holds up.