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Xam'd: Lost Memories

Mar 16, 2010

After seeing multple reviewer's very high scores for X'amd:Lost Memories I decided to give the show a chance. Though I don't usually choose to absorb any fiction based on reviews alone I found the genre tags and recommendation-pairings appealing as well.

The story starts out with a great hook augmented by tactful ambiguity. Sadly, after the first episode the thick ambiguity remains, which helps in artistic interpretation, but heavily damages face-value narrative craft. Towards the end of the series I didn't know what world the characters inhabited, or even any historical context. Because of this the story doesn't feel grounded or fleshed out as it might have been. 

The Animation in the first episode is amazing. The fluid movements, great details, and mood-setting shading all assist in the aesthetic appeal of the series. The quality after the first episode appears to decrease slightly.

The sound worked in every direction, but I can't think of anything horrendous or fantastic about it.

There is a great mix of characters in the series each with an intriguing story. Throughout the story I cared about many of the characters, but also felt as though I didn't really know any of them. My fascination with the stoic Nakiami, or bitter Captain felt unrewarded when the show came to its conclusion.

I understand and appreciate the impressive artistic allusions within this show but feel let down by the general story telling of the work. I agree with other reviewers in giving this a good score, but I believe it deserves a slightly lower score because of particular missing elements. 

6.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Thunderbird Jul 27, 2011

Your review is fitting, I don't know why this anime is praised so much in the other reviews.

I would just give more 1 more point in the sound for the really catching intro song and  bit less points for story and overall, because of the story letdown.